Crafting with Felt

Have you ever wanted to add patterns felt to give some extra flair to to your felt crafted projects? pop on over to my new blog to see how I made these.



Don’t forget to re-subscribe to the new blog to see the latest stories of my creative adventures.



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Using My Schminicke Watercolours For The First Time


Head on over to In All My Glory to read about my Schmincke play

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Presenting Handmade Cards As A Gift



I have a new post over at In All My Glory, all about how I bundled up a collection of handmade cards for gift giving. It’s easy, with a vintage feminine theme. You can see the full story HERE

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Art Journaling – In All My Glory

First up, I had an amazing response to the call on my last post, asking my subscribers to come on over to me new blog space at In All My Glory . Thank you to all that have re subscribed and left me a message. It was an affirmation for my decision to return to blogging and I feel so blessed to have you on board with me.

I have a new post up about overcoming my aversion to write though art journalling. Sounds ridiculous that a blogger like me would resist writing, but it’s true.



You can read more about it HERE.

Hope you’ll pop on over. Cheers!

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Where are you?

Just popping in to wave hello to my readers and let you all know I’m okay. Truly. Some  have been wondering what has happened to me since I suddenly stopped blogging months ago, but I AM okay. Happy in fact!!


So what happened?


Um…not much…..lots…..very little….everything. LOL


I needed a break. I needed to take a BIG step away from my blog and my craft room. I needed to look up and look around. I wanted to (re)connect with other people……..real people, people down the street, people I rub shoulders with. You know what I mean. I needed to find some balance and ground myself with the world around me. It’s been good.

However, a few months ago I ventured back into my craft room to see what I left behind. At first it felt alien, but I’ve been content to re-acquaint myself with some of my old supplies and find a spark with some new purchases. I just dabbled around with out a need to share what I was doing. That felt good too. I just did it.


Soon I’ll be attending my annual Stamp Camp and I had made a commitment to make name badges and ATCs for a swap, so I had some compelling motivation to make a real effort to get something made. I thought you might be interested in what my ATC’s looked like. It had taken me several days to get my final design concept down. I had an idea to do something with birds and nature but I just couldn’t get the idea I had in my head to translate to a card I could easily reproduce 40 times over. So a new idea was called forth.


SSI Stamp Camp 2014 Swap

Now, as you can see – and guess – this wasn’t a design that could quickly be reproduced, lol. There was lots of die cutting, punching, inking, stamping and fussy cutting. But I did start this months ahead of the swap date, and it was the only project I had on my plate at the time so I was good to put the effort into making this work out well. It just required a bit of thoughtful planning.


SSI Stamp Camp 2014 Swap2

And this is what 40 of them look like!! You can well imagine that I was delighted to get the final one made. I did give myself a whole month to get it done, working in small 10 minute blocks. You’d be surprised at what can get done in that time. And I’m pleased to say that the last looks as good as the first. It can be so easy to fall into sloppiness with this many to do, but I felt it was important to put my best effort into each and every one. I can only hope my swappers like them too.

With all those finally done I then moved onto the next task of making the 40 name tags. I don’t have them with me anymore since I passed them onto the camp committee, but I’ll get some photos of the camp and show them in the next post.


Then, I found time to participate in the odd challenge or two. Below are a couple of my favourite cards I made.


IC451 Leif Shop

I purchased some new Stampin’ Up! supplies, including some of the new 2014-2016 In Colors which I used here. For some reason I’ve never been able to bring myself to part with this big Stampin’Up!  floral image.


FS390 Stamptek

And here is another card featuring old retired Stampin’Up! images infused with the latest In Colors.


So there you have it. A renewed ‘Hello’ from me and a sampling of a bit of  stamping eye candy. Drop me back a ‘Hello’ in the comments if you feel you’d like to. I know some of you are still lurking about. And I must say a big welcome to all my new subscribers since my last post, months ago. Glad to have you on board.



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A Little Bit Dotty

Hello readers. It’s that time of the year when I start preparing for a whole lot of card making for the next couple of months. A couple of weeks ago I started with re-arranging my work space and storage solutions. My space now feels more open and I feel re-enerigized. And with that I turned my attention to making a card just for the sheer pleasure of it.


SSS&S Dotty b

The Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge this week was to go all Dotty  and use spots and dots in our creations. I went searching for the perfect spotty dotty print from my Gelatin print stash. I mostly print onto Manilla folders which makes a great card base and the larger size of the folders also means I can die cut them using a Sizzix Bigz XL. Here I die cut the Ornate Tri-fold card for the base. Since this is the first time I tried making a card with this die I discovered that I need to consider how to create a closure in future. Live and learn.



Naturally a lot of the printed design gets lost in the layers on the front, so I’ve bought you around the back to show off some of that dotty goodness. I have a variety of stencils and impression tools for getting  dots onto my print and I’m not afraid to use them all as I work thru the layers. Just love dots! When using the prints for card making however I always use the permanent Archival Ink for the sponged edges. The water based dye inks will not work on top of the acrylic painted surface of the print. The technique for applying the sponged ink is still the same though.


SSS&S Dotty d

Flipping back the front panel reveals the peek-a-boo sentiment. I layered up the die cut Spellbinders labels. Since this was a dotty challenge and I was having too much fun just messing about I found some dot paper and a dot embossing folder for the label panels. It’s probably way over the top but if you can’t have fun with your craft ….well it ‘s just not fun eh?


SSS&S Dotty a

I went all out with die cutting for the front of the card. The bird (Sizzix) is cut from a spotty orange Gelatin print, and he is sitting on his  branch (Sizzix Alterations) amongst the leaves (Cheery Lynn) and flowers (Sizzix Alterations). There came a point when I was just about to call this card  Done, but the bare insides were mocking me with their plain-ness. There could only be one solution to this problem. More dots! Stencils dots this time.

This was a quirky card to make and I quite enjoyed the challenge of using my prints as the foundation.


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12 Tags of 2013 March

So here we are, racing towards the end of another month and that means I need to get cracking with my tag wall post. Mr Tim Holtz has once again inspired us to get creative with this months tag installment. I must admit that the soft colour palette and the abscence of inking manilla for this months tag had me stumbling at the starting block and I think I just kept coming back to look at it for the first two weeks trying to figure out what to do. In the end, with time running out I eventually resorted to making most of this tag much like the last, in my work breaks with a small stash of supplies.


12 Tags of 2013 March

Considering I had to make do with whatever I took with me for the two days it took to make this I’m well pleased with the end result. There were several moments of frustration for lack of supplies that I was ready to scrap it, but knowing I’d probably not get time to start again challenged me to salvage what I could from my meager stash and just keep at it. My tag was already prepared with stencilled moulding paste and I added Twinkling H2O watercolour paints to the background for colour. Lucky I had a mostly sunny day that day and I was able to get it dry, eventually, since I couldn’t use a heat gun, lol.


12 Tags of 2013 March a

Tim used a banner on his tag and I decided I wanted that feature on my tag so a couple of banner die cuts made it into my box of tricks. I end up tossing the first since I messed it up and crossed my fingers the next, and last, banner would be more pleasing. It was a close call. After I committed to attaching it firmly with glue I just wasn’t that thrilled about it. My tag by this time was all but complete but I was out of ideas in my craft box. I eventually figured out what needed to be done though and once I was back in my craft room I was able to add the finishing touches with the mini floral arrangment.


12 Tags of 2013 March b

There were some elements from Tim tag I wanted to adapt to my tag including the rabbit, the die cut aperture, some sparkle and the ribbon. I own a grand total of one rabbity thing, so that stamp made it into my box. I was going to forego the die cut aperture but as I was searching through  my tag stash I found one solitary tag with a ticket window cut out of it. Seriously! WOW, so glad I saved that reject and put it back into my tag basket. I cut it down to make a frame out of it, made a mess out of the front side, flipped it over to the back side and stamped right over the top of the stains to be found there. And call me crazy, but I did take a couple of pots of glitter with me to work that day and miraculaously I didn’t make a awful mess with it. Then there was the ribbon. The seam binding was smooshed with ink, wetted down and left to dry in the open air while I did other things. I was just going to use it for the tag hole but it occured to me I could use it for the rabbits cravat too, so I did.


12 Tags of 2013 March c

The other inspired element I want to add was the paper grass. Once again I go to my stash of inked up tags and find what I need and  cut a tapered fringe. And for good measure I add some extra embellishments with flowers and fronds left over from the banner.


12 Tags of 2013 March tag wall

And the tag wall for March 2013 is finally updated, with a lot of determination and perserverance.


March 2013 Crafting

Thought some of you might be interested in my seeing my ‘make do’ crafting station for the week. Lucky for me I had a quiet job that week and the weather was fine most of the time. I left the cropping tote at home and used a plastic storage unit instead since it would be more dust proof and I could use the lid for wetter crafting. With a vague idea about what I wanted to do I could keep my supply selection down to  what I thought would be most useful. On the ute tray you can see my art journal, ink pads, pre-inked tags, adhesives and spray bottle and inside the box are my stamps. paints and other tools. I wouldn’t want to craft like this too often but in a pinch it worked out. Having a selection of pre-inked background tags really extended my options with adding colour and layers to my finished tag.

This weekend will be Easter and we will be heading off to see family in other parts. All previous planned trips over the last few months have had to be aborted due to inclement weather so we are crossing our fingers we get lucky this time. See you all in the new month and until then, happy crafting.

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Zinnia Masquerade

Oh happy day, dear readers! Today is my turn to host  for Splitcoast Stampers (SCS) new Mix Ability Challenge. I was absolutely delighted when I was appoached to be part of the design team. I like the all inclusive spirit at SCS which encourages all levels, styles and brands of stamping goodness, so this invite was a perfect fit for me. The start of these challenges saw me finally using my art journal. No more does it sit idle, mocking me with it’s blank pages. And judging from the comments and new subscribers to this blog my attempts at this style of creativity has made a connection with you too. Thank you to all who have hopped by and I’m greatly encouraged by you all.

So lets get on with the show, eh! My challenge is called Mask-erade, and I am asking participants to use a masking technique in their creation. If your not sure how to do this is you can find a tutorial HERE, or you can follow thru with me here as I have a step thru of what I did to make my page.


Zinnia Masquerade

The technique in itself is quite simple and is great for getting creative with layering of stamped images, as I have done here. My zinnias are stamped with Stampendous Jumbo Clings – Zinnia. Zinnias are so boldly colourful so I didn’t hesitate to capture some of that vibe with some bold colouring of my own. Follow along with me, if you will, and see how this spread came together.


Zinnia Masquerade a

I open to a clean spread in my Moleskine Sketchbook. I’m working on unprimed pages today. I stamp a line of zinnias across the middle of the page, masking as I go. The images are stamped with Ranger Archival Ink – Magenta Hue, which is a permanent ink. At this stage there is a good likelihood that I’ll be adding a wet medium at some stage and I want the image to keep it’s clean lines.


Zinnia Masquerade b

Bring on the colour! It’s been ages since I coloured an image with colouring pencils.  I used a combo of Polychromes and Prisma pencils. I’m just not into the detailed colouring and blending to achieve smooth transitions of shades. I like the texture and look of the pencil markings and these zinnia images lend themselves perfectly to my scratchy style. My scratchy style of colouring is also very quick so I was able to move on pretty quickly to the next step.


Zinnia Masquerade c

Now it was time to work on the background and I’ve decided to go with ink sprays, which are very wet. My masks were made with ordinary printing paper and I knew they would not hold up to the saturation from a spray. I remedied this by givng them a quick spray seal on both sides to they would hold up to thr task. I also gave the backs a quick go over with some spray adhesive so I could get the egdes of the images tightly covered to minimise any leakage


Zinnia Masquerade d

I try a shimmer spray. Oh dear! Thats awful. LOL. I’m always mindful that I’m never sure how anything is going to go when working with this new-to-me paper surface, so I’m prepared to get a negative reaction. I blot it off and try a different approach. This time I’ll go direct to the paper with some stains and since these will add more fluid to the paper than a spray I’m crossing my fingers the masks hold up to what I’m about to unleash on them.


Zinnia Masquerade e

I dab Distress Stains directly to the paper, spray on some extra water to aid the blending. The end result was rather blotchy, but with luck and extra stamping I figure it’d be not so noticable when I finish. While I have the masks in place I stamp the lace edge with acrylic paint.


Zinnia Masquerade f

I held my breathe as I removed the masks, which were by now ruined from getting wet and torn. Yes! It all worked out well. There was some seepage but nothing alarming. In fact I think it actually added some more interest to the zinnias. For the keen eyed, the tops of the two middle flowers had some odd colour reaction when the Archival Ink, colour pencil and stains met. I wonder if I could recreate that under a controlled situation?


Zinnia Masquerade h

I find a quote to add to my page and stamp it with acrylic paint. It says – “the flower has opened, has been in the sun and is unfraid. I’m taking more chances.” I cut some fresh masks formy image so I can add some vines behind the flowers. You may notice that I didn’t get the whole image on one scrap, but I just move around what I have and work with what I’ve got and it seems to work well for me.


Zinnia Masquerade i

Voila! Another page completed.


Zinnia Masquerade j

My eyes are failing me, lol. I totally missed colouring some spaces. How about if I tell you they are now called highlights!


Zinnia Masquerade k

Some scratchy colouring. In art classes, way back back in my school days, I was described as having an ‘Impressionist’ style. A fair statement given what this looks like up close.


Zinnia Masquerade l

Masking is great for creating layers with your stamping without the bulk of layering with papers and embellishments.

So come and join me over at Splitcoast Stampers as I host my first Mix Ability Challenge.

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Thanks For Butterflies and Roses.

This weeks challenge theme at Simon Says Stamp and Show was quite simply Thanks. I need very little excuse to hang out in my craft room and just mess about with my supplies. I have a stash of tags that are a collection of samples, experiments or ‘failures’. If I’m doing a technique I particularly like I’ll make up several tags for the stash to have on hand for a later date. I do the same with  die cuts. This gives me a little treasure trove of items to pull together, which is where I went to get some of the ingredients for this tag. I couldn’t imagine having to make something like this from scratch. It’s more an evolution.  Butterflies and roses are a wonderful combination for making something with that extra feminine touch, and thats the direction this tag took, with some extra help from my muse.


I started with a base tag from my stash that was prepared with moulding paste thru a stencil and coloured with Distress Stains. Most of it got covered up eventually but you can see a peek of it down the left side of the tag. I stamped and gold embossed the flourish and dot background.


And finally I overstamped the whole tag with a text background with versa mark and brushed on gold mica powder, which can be seen better in this photo.  Love the whole effect of now you see it, now you don’t with the mica powders. Eventually most of the background got covered up but I don’t mind since it adds a lot of detail and layers without the bulk.


Next I went to my stash of precut rose petals. I had coloured a large sheet watercoloured paper with the wrinkle free distress technique and cut as many Spellbinder Rose Creation petals as I could from it. Great to have on hand to make a quick embellishment. I made an arrangment with some laces and mulberry petals and was going to call it done. My muse just wouldn’t let it rest, so I added some leaf diecuts, and was going to call it done now. No!


I stamped a Chocolate Baroque butterfly onto vellum and embossed it with gold, and cut it out. I used a ball stylus to add the white details and dimension and tinted the wings with Archival ink. I just love how this turned out and I really must make some more of these add to my stash ready to go. Super easy to make and the vellum makes it look delicate and light. My ‘Thanks’ tag is cut with My Fovourite Things Die-namics, which not only has a mini tag but a cute set of embellishments, including the tiny butterfly cut. Definitely done!

I just have to say thanks to my muse for sticking with me, and my crafty friends who inspire me. This tag is going to a special friend.

I love this hobby!

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12 Tags of 2012 – November

Welcome back readers. Today I have a tag, as usual, using the inspiration of Tim Holtz’ 12 Tags of 2012 November. This month the feature technique was a faux batik effect. It’s quite possible that I may have done this technique at one time, but just as a sample. After all it has been well known to many experienced stampers. But I can say I never really took it on board, until now. I’ve been so inspired by this technique that I have already gone off and made a bunch of Christmas cards using it. But today you get my Tim inspired tag.


I was pondering what theme to go with, so I went and had a look through my stamps and picked out Tim Holtz’ Haberdashery. There are six stamps in this set and I managed to use them all, as well as a couple of extras from other sets. And while I made it in my theme and style, this is the first tag of the series that follows most closely the steps that Tim took to make his. Firstly I heat embossed the dressform image, and stamped the numbers down the side with Archival inks. I then added colour to the background with Distress Inkpads and Stains, before removing the embossing from my dressform. I even sponged on some more colour and added some water drops!


I omitted distressing the tags edge and went straight into adding some open line stamping in random places all over the surface. In lieu of a piece of burlap, which I don’t have,  I opted to stamp out the two cotton reel labels and attach them to the side with my Tiny Attacher.


I also did the same thing with the stamped images of the needle label and bridged the gap with a third image to make a banner of sorts. I made my flower embellishments by first stamping the needle book  image to some card stock before punching out the little petals and nesting them on some twiggy die cuts. I think of all the tags I have made this year, this one has come together the quickest and easiest. And I love the purples and greens.


So what do you think of the tag wall now? It’s almost complete, save for January and December. And looking at the count, this is the forth tag I’ve made since coming out to the farm to live. It still seems like I’m still settling in. I know I’m still working at cleaning up the place, lol.  After last months card drive effort I feel a bit more like my old self in the craft room and I’m getting more inspired to get in and create and share more often. So watch out for a possible extra post or two from me this month.

See ya soon!

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