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12 Tags Of 2013 – September

Hello readers. I’m back to posting the next tag in my 12 Tags of 2013 series and the next in the sequence is this September tag. Tim Holtz’s focus for that month was using stencils for layering pattern using different mediums. It was an interesting technique and I jumped right into experimenting with it as soon as it was posted. I had a finished tag which I then duly hung on my tag board….but…..it just wasn’t gelling with me. So last week I tried again.

12 Tags of 2013 Sept a

And this makes me happy. All previous attempts at making something turned out muddied and dull, which is why I had to walk away.  When I start out on my backgrounds I usually colour several tags at a time and pick out the one I like the best. This time around I was spoilt for choice as they all looked right. No muddy colours, yay!


12 Tags of 2013 Sept b

I started out stencilling Distress Paint thru a dot pattern. In the top right corner I layered a different section of the stencil over the top of the first to get spots on my dots. I then coloured the tag with Distress Stains using bright pinks and yellows. Some more stencilling is added but this time with  Distress Inks, to create the wavy lines.


12 Tags of 2013 Sept c

By now I’ve already decided that I want to use my  umbrella man stamp as my focal image, and he gets stamped with a permanent Archival ink in Manganese Blue. Somehow this image, when it was all set and dry, looked like there was sunshine on his shoulder while his head was still shadowed by the umbrella. Gotta love those happen chance moments. I then finished off with the radial stencil, deliberately placing the centre over the mans head. Oh and I should mention (for those that notice these things) that the pale wavy lines in this part of the tag are part of the first layering with the paints, not a top layer with inks.

I wonder, how do you choose the words to stamp onto your cards and tags? I nearly always choose mine by what ever I have that fits in the space I want it to go. If I find a sentiment with the right shape then I’ll read it to see that it is appropriate. I picked this one because it’s shape closely resembles the shape of the man. Do you make choices like that as you create with stamped images?


12 Tags of 2013 Sept d

And lastly a look at what the September Tag Wall looks like. I have a completed tag for October so keep an eye out for that one in the coming week. Happy crafting to all.

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12 Tags of 2013 – August

Hello friends. Today I have finally got around to posting something for my 12 Tags Wall. Tims tag for August used an old technique which happens to be one of my favourites – masking. I got a bit carried away during the month and made several tags using the masking technique, but I only have room on the board for one and this is what made the cut.


12 Tags of 2013 August a

I bought this Tim Holtz Wild West stamp set when I saw it on sale one day. I liked that it was so different in theme to a lot of what I already own so I decided to add it to my collection. It’s one of those sets that I love to get out and just mess about with, so I’m pleased it finally got an airing on the blog. I used all but one of the images from the set, masking each layer as I stamped further into the background. Once all the stamping was done I then worked in the reverse direction, sponging from the background to the foreground, peeling away the masks as I went. The final piece of masking was a freehand cut edge to create extra clouds of dust under the horses feet.


12 Tags of 2013 August b

I totally forgot to take a photo of the tag wall for last month. Duh! First two rows are now full of inky goodness, And it won’t seem to take too long before the last row is full too.

Yesterday I could have used a real horse man, instead I had to rely on shanks pony. I was rounding up some loose cattle on a steep bit of country. I started out using 4WD but decided I’d have more luck if I just legged it up and down the slope. Got a great workout. On a more serious note though, I had to be self reliant doing this job as there was noone else around to help and I was so proud of myself for achieving what I did. Of course I rang my partner to let him know what I was up to and took advise from him before I set out. And in all reality it was probably a small job for any woman bought up on a farm, but I’m still kind of new to a lot of this action. Go me!!!


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12 Tags of 2013 – July

Hello dear readers. Time for another tag for 12 Tags of 2013. When I first saw the tag that Tim had demonstrated I had an immediate vision of what I would create using some of the same techniques. But the reality of bringing it to life eluded me, lol. I always trust that my muse will be with me when the time is right. And that time was today and I made my tag with no vision at all this time. It was just some creative play time prompted by ideas that Tim Holtz used for his tag.


12 Tags of 2013 July 1

The background was brayed with  Antique Linen and Scattered Straw Distress Stains. Footsteps and text were then stamped onto the background using Archival Ink colours Aquamarine and Saffron.


12 Tags of 2013 July 3

My starting point for this months tag however, was these die cut alphas. During the month I’ve been messing about with my gelatin plate, experimenting with different ideas for a step thru tutorial and demo I’ll be doing soon. Out of curiosity I wondered what one of the prints would look like cut up with my Word Play Sizzix die. As I rearranged the letters to make different words and phrases I settled on an idea to use ‘style’ as my inspirtaion for the rest of the tag. I recut the letters I needed with grunge paper, glued the paper print on top and covered them with Rock Candy Distress Crackle.


12 Tags of 2013 July 2

I departed from Tims tags and went my own way with adding my ‘style icon’. I ‘dressed’ my Dance Card lady in some offcuts from the gelatin print scrap heap. I must admit I had a bit of fun trying different outfits for her to wear.


12 Tags of 2013 July 4

In a nod to Tim I did pull out the washi tape. And I also found a label from a  sticker book to use as an embellishment. Two items I’m sure I’d never use without a prompt. And note to self – wear glasses when working with small stuff, lol. And true to my usual form I completely omitted any other form of embellishment of the metal and ribbon variety.

I will let you in a small personall challenge I have set myself. I’m not really an embellishment Grinch. They just don’t look right on my stuff, if you know what I mean. So…..I recently bought a couple of charms that I’m determined to find a use for on one of these tags in the near future. Certainly before the end of the year. It can’t be that hard!

As I used my gelatin prints for the making of this tag I’ll also be linking up with Gelli Print Party.

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12 Tags of 2013 – June

Hello friends and welcome to my new subscribers.

It was a pleasant change of pace to have some extra time during the week for some creative pursuits, so I got stuck into doing my June tag inspired by Tim Holtz. Interestingly enough he chose to work with a couple of mediums that I have no great affinity with – markers and paint. Ha! And there is a reason why most of  my stamp collection is devoid of line art images. Hmmm! I did however, despite my apparent aversions, have a go at colouring several images with my Stampin’Up! markers. I’ve done it before and got good results…..but meh….. I just wasn’t loving it. And if it’s going to go on my wall I’ve got to love it, right. So I went back to Tims Tag to find my inspiration.


12 Tags of 2013 Jun a

And this is the end result. Definitely worthy of a place on my wall.


12 Tags of 2013 Jun b

The base tag was coloured very much as Tim demonstrated with paints and stains. As usual most of it gets covered up with stamping and other stuff, but before that occured I had a very pleasing background to work with. The backgound was then over stamped with several images to match my theme. This time I used a Cobalt Archival ink. You know how I don’t like to use black, and I thought the Cobalt was a good match for the blueprint theme I had going on. I embellished this theme with a collection of ‘ephemera’, some of which are Kaiswercraft diecuts and the other a stamped piece of vellum.


12 Tags of 2013 Jun c

I bought this little stamp in a sale bin a long time ago, never used it, and in spite of several interim purges I always kept it. Just love the look of it I guess. So I stamped it off with the Colbalt ink onto watercolour paper and coloured it with my waterbrush and Distress Inks. I liked the splatter that Tim used on his tag and I had a practice at doing it on some scraps first. I like the results I got from pooling some Distress Stains onto the end of a pallet knike and then flicking, and when I went to commit some splatter to my image I had a little spill and got big splotches, lol. I quickly mopped up what I could, and loved it it even better than my original intention. So this week I’m going to enter into Simon Says Stamp and Show with at Splatter and a Splotch, which both begin with the letter S. Got to love those little mishaps!


12 Tags of 2013 Jun d

Ah… another one of those stamps from long ago, never used and always kept. The border detail stamp is an Anna Griffin treasure. A piece of decorative stonework for a building maybe? And I had to find a way to use my new stamp set, Going Somewhere, from my winnings from Tim, and this little phase was perfect in sentiment and size for this little scrap.

Last month when I went to the city, I took a guided tour around Brisbane. I worked right in the heart Brisbane many years ago, and you think you know your city pretty well, but doing a tour reveals all those treasures I had brushed passed everyday without ever ‘seeing’. I loved hearing the stories about the old buildings and what was left behind for future generations. Do you know about the treasures in your city or town?


12 Tags of 2013 Jun Tag Wall

And I leave you with a pic of the ‘Wall’. See you back here again for the next round. Get creative!

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12 Tags of 2013 March

So here we are, racing towards the end of another month and that means I need to get cracking with my tag wall post. Mr Tim Holtz has once again inspired us to get creative with this months tag installment. I must admit that the soft colour palette and the abscence of inking manilla for this months tag had me stumbling at the starting block and I think I just kept coming back to look at it for the first two weeks trying to figure out what to do. In the end, with time running out I eventually resorted to making most of this tag much like the last, in my work breaks with a small stash of supplies.


12 Tags of 2013 March

Considering I had to make do with whatever I took with me for the two days it took to make this I’m well pleased with the end result. There were several moments of frustration for lack of supplies that I was ready to scrap it, but knowing I’d probably not get time to start again challenged me to salvage what I could from my meager stash and just keep at it. My tag was already prepared with stencilled moulding paste and I added Twinkling H2O watercolour paints to the background for colour. Lucky I had a mostly sunny day that day and I was able to get it dry, eventually, since I couldn’t use a heat gun, lol.


12 Tags of 2013 March a

Tim used a banner on his tag and I decided I wanted that feature on my tag so a couple of banner die cuts made it into my box of tricks. I end up tossing the first since I messed it up and crossed my fingers the next, and last, banner would be more pleasing. It was a close call. After I committed to attaching it firmly with glue I just wasn’t that thrilled about it. My tag by this time was all but complete but I was out of ideas in my craft box. I eventually figured out what needed to be done though and once I was back in my craft room I was able to add the finishing touches with the mini floral arrangment.


12 Tags of 2013 March b

There were some elements from Tim tag I wanted to adapt to my tag including the rabbit, the die cut aperture, some sparkle and the ribbon. I own a grand total of one rabbity thing, so that stamp made it into my box. I was going to forego the die cut aperture but as I was searching through  my tag stash I found one solitary tag with a ticket window cut out of it. Seriously! WOW, so glad I saved that reject and put it back into my tag basket. I cut it down to make a frame out of it, made a mess out of the front side, flipped it over to the back side and stamped right over the top of the stains to be found there. And call me crazy, but I did take a couple of pots of glitter with me to work that day and miraculaously I didn’t make a awful mess with it. Then there was the ribbon. The seam binding was smooshed with ink, wetted down and left to dry in the open air while I did other things. I was just going to use it for the tag hole but it occured to me I could use it for the rabbits cravat too, so I did.


12 Tags of 2013 March c

The other inspired element I want to add was the paper grass. Once again I go to my stash of inked up tags and find what I need and  cut a tapered fringe. And for good measure I add some extra embellishments with flowers and fronds left over from the banner.


12 Tags of 2013 March tag wall

And the tag wall for March 2013 is finally updated, with a lot of determination and perserverance.


March 2013 Crafting

Thought some of you might be interested in my seeing my ‘make do’ crafting station for the week. Lucky for me I had a quiet job that week and the weather was fine most of the time. I left the cropping tote at home and used a plastic storage unit instead since it would be more dust proof and I could use the lid for wetter crafting. With a vague idea about what I wanted to do I could keep my supply selection down to  what I thought would be most useful. On the ute tray you can see my art journal, ink pads, pre-inked tags, adhesives and spray bottle and inside the box are my stamps. paints and other tools. I wouldn’t want to craft like this too often but in a pinch it worked out. Having a selection of pre-inked background tags really extended my options with adding colour and layers to my finished tag.

This weekend will be Easter and we will be heading off to see family in other parts. All previous planned trips over the last few months have had to be aborted due to inclement weather so we are crossing our fingers we get lucky this time. See you all in the new month and until then, happy crafting.

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Tattered Spring Blossoms

Hello my dear reader friends. And a big welcome to all my new followers over the past few months. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been here, but more about that later. A couple of weeks ago Tim Holtz posted a fun challenge to use one of his most favoutrite sizzix dies, Tattered Florals. It was the first ever Sizzix die I had in my collection and one of my most used. The fact that it can cut so many layers of paper in one pass is a definite bonus when making flowers with multiple petals. So would you like to see what I’ve made for his challenge?


Tattered Spring

I’ve been challenged with finding time these past two weeks to do any recreational activity, so I’ve resorted to taking a small box of supplies with me to work and use my breaks to get something done. Where there is a will there is a way! I packed my box with some ready made inked tags from my sample stash, cut a stack of small flowers with the Tattered Florals die from some previously ink sprayed papers and threw in some extra die cuts that I thought would be handy.


Tattered Spring a

I made the blossom branch with the Branch Tree die and the leaves are a die cut of ‘daisy’ from Tattered Florals. I ripped the individual petals off the ‘daisy’ and glued them to the branch ends, the layered some pink petals up for the blossoms. To get the look of the branch almost growing right out of the tag I bent and twisted the branch. I was then able to carefully layer the flowers in between the leaves and at interesting angles. I had a couple of spare flat petals which I used in the far background for fill. Love the crinkle effect of the rumpled paper flowers. I glued the branch down onto the tag but I felt it needed something that I didn’t have with me so I had to wait til I got home.


Tattered Spring b

The next day I packed my crafty work box with some bird die cuts and the letters to spell out SPRING. My photo is being let down by the permanement blur which is getting progressively worse as the weeks wear on, but you can get the general idea of what he looks like with his colourful wings.


Tattered Spring c

And the word was cut from the bird scraps using the Typeset die.

This week I’m also entering this post into the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge which is all about using water. My Twinkling H2O’s are great in my travel box because a quick spritz of water gets them activated and I used them to add splatters to my background. My bird and word were cut from a sample tag using the water flick technique and the background was made using the wrinkle free distress technique. Lots of fun ways to use water when crafting. Hope you like!


An update since the last post about the recent floods here. Our crossing to get out of the farm is nearly complete and we no longer have to wade or 4WD across the creek. (Gosh! We’re almost civilized! LOL) But what is keeping me away from hearth and home is all the extra work the floods has created for the likes of me who works with road construction. In the last three weeks I think I’ve only had one day off and I’m sure I slept most of it. The push is on to get the major roads open again for Easter break.

And if I’m lucky enough to get home while the sky is still light I then have another responsibility to a new fellow in my life. Stanley, a 14 week old puppy! He’s at the awkward stage now where a lot of disipline, training and attention is required, but he is such a delight and watching him play is a great way to unwind and be entertained.

So now you know why it’s been a while between posts. Thanks for bearing with me.

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12 Tags of 2012 – December Part Two

So here I am, near the end of the year with my final tag of the 12 Tags of 2012. Tim Holtz inspired us with two tags this month to make up the shortfall for the ‘missing’ January tag, and I chose the first tag to use as the inspiration for that month.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 7

I stuck with making this a blue tag just like the original, but what I was really inspired by, and therefore wanted to repeat on my tag, was using Stamp2Cut. Stamp2Cut, by Sizzix, is an electronic cutting system that allows me to cut with great detail, stamped images from Tim Holtz’s Stampers Anonymous collection.  I stamped and cut two images multiple times so I could get a layered and dimensional look. I ended up using all the stamp images from Natures Moments on this one, with a couple of extras from other sets to finish it off.

I had a very encouraging responce to my recent post of my step by step process of creating. I took a couple of photos early in the making of this tag for another purpose but half way thru the making I decided to take pics all the way thru to the end. This is for those crafters I meet who say  ‘I’m afraid of making mistakes’. I’m here to tell you that this tag was a series of ‘mistakes’ that in the end turned into a perfectly acceptable tag. So come along for the journey and see what happened along the way.


12 tags of 2012 Jan a

First thing I do when I make my tags is to make several background samples. I was not liking how the ink was reacting with my purchased manilla tags, so I diecut a couple of tags from manilla folders and got better results. I made seven altogether so I picked out the one I liked and stowed the rest in my tag stash for another day .


12 tags of 2012 Jan b

I wanted to use watercolur paper just like Tim used for his tag, but I chose to use dye inks instead Archival Inks. This is a heavy weight paper so I was expecting that I’d ruin some images as I grappled with getting the cuts right. I’m relatively new to using cutting machines so I expect to make mistakes as I learn. I picked out the good cuts and laid them out on my chosen tag. Hmmm. Naahhh. Not working for me. The white of the paper is too distracting.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 1

I try a different approach. I get out my ‘bad’ tags and stamp them with Archival Inks this time, and cut them out with Stamp2Cut. Now I have no white background around the edges, and the background colours are of course the same as my tag


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 2

So here I have a selection of the good, the bad, and the totally messed up cuts. There comes a point round about here that I tell myself to just move on with it and make something of it. I mean, how bad is it really? Not that bad it seems. Or maybe you never saw were all the imperfections were anyway.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 3

So I layer up some of the cuts for a dimensional look. The stem has three layers, two manlila and one water colour paper. Nice. I decide where I want to position the images. Something like this. At this point I go back and look at Tims tag to get some inspiration for embellishing. I see text, silver and a horizonal strip. I think I can work those elements into my design. Lets go.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 4

I have a need to add some stamping into the background. I also notice that the last two lines on my sentiment could stand out as a statement on it’s own and fulfill my need to have a horizonal strip at the bottom. Clever. Not so clever to use silver embossing powder on the sentiment as I can barely read it. Hmmm. What to do? Need to fix this without making a small problem into an ugly problem.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 5

At first I have my doubts about committing to adding darker colours, but in the end I just go for it. And hope for the best. Whats the worse thing that will happen? If it didn’t work I’d just try something else. I’m not sure that I fixed my ‘problem’, but I can live with this.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 6

I layer up pieces to see how they look now. I think to myself that the stem could do with some more work. But I don’t want to ruin it at this late stage so I take a few of the left over cuts and I experiment with spraying them with a shimmer ink. I like the results, so I go for spraying my stem. Ummm… maybe I didn’t need to do that after all. It didn’t improve it any, but thankfully it’s still good to use.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 7

I asemble all my element stogether and call it DONE! And I’m well pleased with how it turned out in the end.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 8

Love the dimension achived with the multi layering of the stems.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 10

I chose to put the coloured images at the back so you only get a glimpse of the colour. It is a happy compromise of combining the features of both the permanent Archival Ink and the blending of the Distress ink.

12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 9

On the right angle the sentiment has high contrast so it reflects the light, as seen here.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 11

These are some of the left over stems from my spray experiment. They turned out delightful and I’ll save them for another project. A willingness to try something new and accept that it may ruin something can often give you something completely unexpected.

Normally I’d finish off with a photo of my cork board display of my tags. Not today. I’ve been pondering how I’ll display these crafty little works of art in my home. I have a solution. Details in my next post, with a tutorial.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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12 Tags of 2012 – December Part One

I am so happy Tim Holtz gave us two tags for inspiration this month as a make-up for having a blank in the tag ‘calendar’. I’ve been looking forlornly at the blank tag hanging in January’s spot on my display board all year – wondering.  My next decision was which tag to make into a January tag and which one for December. Decisions, decisions! In the end my decision was based on my choise to used the same colours Tim used for each specific tag, and then deciding that my board would look better with the red in Decembers spot and blue for January.  So with that in mind, I give you my December Tag.


12 Tags of 2012 - dec 1

Love the bold red background on this very festive looking tag. I made it using the techinque he used, but instead of using Distress Metallic Stains I used a Lindy’s Stamp Gang Moonglow Stain. I used the same stain to flick spots over it when it was finished too. I tried out a few ticket styled pieces to use as Tim had done, but in the end I opted for this Crafty Secrets Scrap of a Vintage Santa. Love the high contrast of the blue, red and green.


12 Tags of 2012 - dec 2

I had the Stamp2Cut ‘believe’ word precut and coloured in my box of tricks and wanted to use it, even though it’d get lost in the backgroound since it was nearly the same colour. For my purposes I felt it added another layer of texture so it wasn’t necessary to have a more obvious contrast so it could be read. And since I was winging it with a word that was not meant to be read I thought I repeat that idea at the bottom of the tag, and stamped and embossed a different ‘believe’ word. I used a stamped flourish instead of a die cut one the Tim used.


12 Tags of 2012 - dec 3

So, what to do with my focal embellishment? I could have gone with a poinsettia, but the ones I have on hand just weren’t giving me that much joy. But I do have the Sizzix Holly Branch die, and this time of the year is about the only time it’ll get used so I thought it prudent to make use of it. I like the feature of text on the poinsettia Tim used so I repeated that idea with some heavy weight designer paper from MME. I finger folded some lines to create the look of veins and add shape and dimension to the leaves. And for good measure, a couple of swipes with stickles applied with my fingers to the leaves and berries was added.


12 Tags of 2012 Dec board

The nearly completed display board. This is my work in progress cork board which is propped up beside me at the desk, but soon I’ll need to clear it for another project. I’d love Tim to do another 12 tags, or maybe I’ll find a different challenge to do. Who knows what awaits my attention in the new year! But before I get ahead of myself there is still that empty spot at the beginning that needs to be filled. I know some of your have enjoyed watching the board ‘grow’ and you won’t want to miss the final installment. See you all back here soon.


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Reflections On Holly

Through out the year I’ve been plodding along with Tim Holtz’s 12 tags of 2012 and sharing them here on this blog. Then I had a idea a few weeks back to recreate the 12 tags as Christmas tags to decorate my tree this year. Under normal circumstances I could have achieved this feat of craftiness, had not a series of time hungry events landed in my lap. I don’t even have my tree up yet! To my credit I did remake six of them, including this one which I’m entering into this weeks Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge.


Reflections On Holly 3

This week we needed to use one of Tim’s tags as inspiration, and I went with his April 2012 technique on this one. It involved stamping a design onto the surface of an embossing folder, so when you embossed your card stock the image would transfer to the background. When doing this technique the image stamped onto the folder will come out reversed, but I used one of Tims reversed text stamps, so the text would come out looking right. Clever eh? It’s a case of two negatives make a positive.


Reflections On Holly 2

I chose a pale colour to stamp my text so it would fade into the background more. The little robin snippet came from my ever useful, but diminishing, Crafty Secrets stash. I’ve had the Holly Branch embossing folder for a while now, but was never happy with using it successfully. Now I’ve fallen in love with it when combined with this inky technique. And I found a little trick to ink those pesky liitle berries red without getting red ink all over the place – punch a small circle from a scrap to make a stencil, and sponge the berries thru the hole. Quick and easy.



But before I race off I have two snippets of acknowledgment I need to share with you all. My tag in my last post was selected as a ‘top three winner’ for the Inspired By Stamping challenge. I’m still trying to figure out how to add the blinky badge to my side bar so I can show off that I won something! It was a first time in my blogging and participating in challenges that this has happened to me. In the meantime just imagine that pretty badge in my side bar, lol.

My other snippet? Well I didn’t win anything per se, but it is a pretty big deal in my small world of stamping. I discovered that Tim Holtz, the very man himself, has added my November tag to his Pinterest board. Seriously! My tag! There it sits prettily amongst all those other really talented designer creations. My tag! I think you may just image the grin I had on my face. Now I need to get cracking on getting my last tags made for my ‘real’ 12 Tags of 2012 display board. Be sure to check back to see how it looks when it’s all completed.

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No Ink For Christmas

The title isn’t as bad as it sounds, especially for us stampy types. No! It’s just another excuse to stamp something. I’ve set myself a task this week to participate in another Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge. I was quite inspired by last weeks effort, and the design team, that I thought it was worth repeating. And I need some tags for Christmas and I love to kick start my tag creations with prompts from challenges like this. This week we were asked not to use ink pads to stamp our images, the exception being versamark since it is altogether a different beast, useful for so many techniques. Well, what can I say? This was a challenge that fit me to a T!


This is the tag I made using six different stamping techniques that didn’t involve the traditional ink pad to rubber to make my impressions. Some of them may look quite obvious just from looking at the photo but some are a bit more obscure due to their more subtle nature. I started off with a manilla tag cut with my Sizzix #8 Tag die and the background was eventually coloured with sponged on Distress Inks of blues and greens. I also set myself a mini challenge to use all three stamps from the Tim Holtz Just Believe set on this one tag.


I’m going to start at the top of the tag and work my way down. Up in the top right corner is text featuring my new favourite technique of faux batik. And in the top left, under the stars and swirls, you can see a very faint image of part of the word BELIEVE. This is a ghosted impression made by spraying my rubber with plain water and pressing it into the inked surface to lift some of the ink away. The swirl flourish was stamped in Versamark and dusted with a mica powder by Lindy’s Stamp Gang. And I couldn’t resist some good old fashioned heat embossing with my most favourite powder of all, a silver sparkler.


My Christmas trees where stamped with a Jo Sonja Warm White Acrylic paint. Instead of just wiping the ink off the acrylic resist, once the colour was sponged on, I tried a different approach. I sprayed the tree stamp with water and stamped the wet rubber right over  the top of the paint stamped tree. This reactivated the ink on the arcylic resist and I carefully blotted this away with a single press with a paper towel, and not a rub as you would normally do. This gave me a nice mottled effect on the paint and where the stamp didn’t align precisely, it also ghosted the background sponging. This photo also shows how the different angles of light hitting the mica powder and the embossed silver either makes it glow or fade. Sometimes your only notice the trees and at other times you only notice the stars. Sadly most of that is lost with a photo and only real life viewing reveals what can’t be seen here.


I could have quite happily left the tag just as it was, but I felt compelled to add some sort of dimensional embellishment. I found this tiny little Crafty Individuals sentiment in my stash which I heat embossed onto a Tattered Banner die cut. Then I had a brainstorm of an idea to make my own ‘button’ snowflakes. I punched out a circle, added several layers of heated embossing powder and stamped the tiny snowflake, also by Crafty Individuals, into the hot surface. Now if I wasn’t squeezing this little bit of crafting in at 6am, before heading off to work, I may have made them all look perfect. But you know what, I think I may like them better coz they are not.

I wonder what the next Challenge will be? Maybe I’ll get to play along with that one too.

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