I’m Back With Some Exciting News And An Invitiaion To Come And See My Glorious Punch Art Chickens

Hello dear  friends and subscribers! It has been a long long time since I blogged or been involved in any online crafty activities. Life, work, and ambitions of a different kind needed my attention. During my long blogging absence I often reflected on this little blog space of mine and wondered with a bit of sadness if I would ever get back to it. Today, I’m here to say I am back! During my time away from blogging I have gone through some very testing times, some I chose to pursue and some that I couldn’t run away from. But I believe that everything has a purpose and I’ve learned to be more trusting in the universe, the Source, God, or whatever you want to call the Divine, and learn to let it go and appreciate what I have in any given moment.

I always loved blogging and I had faith that one day I would get back to not only creating for myself but sharing that with the online community again. If you happen to respond to that unexpected email that Misstreez has a new blog post, AND you bothered to click on you because you remembered who I was, THANK YOU.



What do you think of my little punch art chickens? Cute, huh? Well I am featuring these little treasures to help me launch interest in my new blog. Yes, that’s right! A new blog!!! If there is one thing I have understood more fully about myself recently, it is that there is one time and place when I am in all my glory, and that is when I am crafting something. And so I called my new blog –

In All My Glory

Click on the link and come and find me at my new blog space where I have a little tutorial on how to make these Glorious Chicken. And don’t forget to say hi when you get there!

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3 thoughts on “I’m Back With Some Exciting News And An Invitiaion To Come And See My Glorious Punch Art Chickens

  1. So glad to see that you are BACK! You have always inspired me with your creativity and pushed out of my comfort zone to experiment with new mediums. I just enjoy our friendship and shared passion for crafting. So glad to see you blogging again!!! Love your new blog!!!

  2. Thanks Diane! I tried replying to your comments at the new space but the new dashboard workings have me a bit puzzled and I cant make it happen at present. LOL. I loved every heartfelt word you gave me. I am blessed to have a connection with you across the interwebs.

  3. Sorry it took me so long to come over…been sick. Thanks for the recent visit! Taking time off can be such a good thing, and look at you starting a new blog. Off to look, but these little chicks are completely adorable! LOVE all the colors!

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