Gelatin Print Tag Swap

Hello friends. I’ve been very productive in the craft room these past couple of weeks, mostly getting stuff made for the annual stamp camp I like to treat myself to in August. Today I’ll be showing some of the tags I made for the camp Tag Swap. This is the only swap I participate in each year, and with 40 tags to prepare I need something that will hopefully inspire the recipient, but also keep me engaged and interested enough to the end. This year I tried something new to me.


Gelatin Print Tags up close 2 1

A couple of months ago I began  my first experienments with a process called gelatin printing, which is a form of mono-printing with acrylic paints. It reminded me of some mono-printing I had done back at school, which I loved. Gelatin printing, or gelli printing, has been gaining quite a following in the arty crafty world, so with a little google research I was able to find a couple of suggestions for how to make my own gelatin plate for printing.


Gelatin Print Tags up close 1 1

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been experimenting for a couple of months now. The first attempts were pretty wild and erratic as I tried to get a handle on understanding how to get my colours and patterns to layer in a way that was pleasing to me. With perserverance I finally started to get results I was very happy with. Love the colour….. the layers …… the patterns.  I’ve been making masks and stencils cut from my Sizzix eClips electronic cutter, to compliment the commercial stencils I already own, as well as experimenting with other ways of adding pattern and texture to the printing surface.


Gelatin Print Tags

I made my prints onto manilla folders, which I then cut down into tags with my Sizzix Tag and Bookplate die. No two tags are ever alike and I’m pretty certain I’d not be able to replicate any of them either. I’ve shown a couple of folks my efforts and everyone picks out something different as their favourites.


Gelatin Print Tags 2

Some of my personal favs.


Gelatin Print Tags 1

But I also find these hard to resist. Sigh!


Gelatin Print Tags 3

But a Stamp Camp Swap needs some stamping, right? I went for the simple white embossed image with this Donna Downey stamp. I think I’ll have to keep that one on the far left for me. Or maybe that one in the middle right? Then again…..maybe… Now when it come to swaps I’m pretty realistic in thinking that this isn’t going to rock the boat of all 40 swappers, with their own peculiar and varying styles and skills, but I know there has to be someone in the room who will ‘get it’.

Today I just wanted to get a post up about what I’ve been doing and I’d like to do a more indepth post on the actual process of what I do someday soon. While the process of making a print is very simple, I did find working with acrylic paints to be a very different beast to the inks I’m use to working with. I’ll be linking this post up with Simon Says Stamp and show which this week is Anything Goes.

Edit – Thanks for the suggestion Marjie Kemper – I’ll also link up with Gelli Print Party.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all find some inspiration in your day to get creative.

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11 thoughts on “Gelatin Print Tag Swap

  1. I could never choose a favourite from all of those – I would just have to say that I love them all – and how wonderful they look with the white embossing too. Lovely work. Anne x

  2. I think they’re absolutely stunning, and I completely agree that picking a favourite would be close to impossible! What fabulous results you’re getting with the printing – amazing layers of detail, colour and texture. And as I’m a complete sucker for hedgerow flowers, you couldn’t have picked a better stamp to complete the look.

    I can see that I’ll have to go back and give the whole gelli thing another try – with a bit more perseverance this time… thanks for the nudge!
    Alison xx

  3. What a whole lot of eye candy! These are really fabulous. You might link up to Carolyn Dube’s Gelli Plate Party over at the blog A Colorful Journey.

  4. I never knew you could make your own gelli plate. I’ve purchased mine, and still have yet to use them….shame on me! BUT, I LOVE the backgrounds you’ve achieved here….so GORGEOUS! The white embossed flowers were perfection on them as well! What an amazing accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your work with us this week here at Simon Says Stamp & Show this week!

  5. These are gorgeous Theresa! I’d love to know more about the process. It’s new to me. But these are really amazing. I’d pick the one on the left too….well, maybe the far right…oh, I don’t know, maybe I’d pick….LOL

  6. So glad Marjie pointed you to the party! Your tags are pure eye candy! The white stamping is a perfect way to let all the layers of color shine. Those tags will be a huge hit at the swap! Thanks for sharing with the party!

  7. E Poole

    WOW,WOW,WOW. Fabulous Theresa, u must be thrilled with them.Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous.

    HUGS Ev

  8. A blog page full of inspiration! Absolutely love these tags and I am sure the tag swap people will too. The colors and patterns are so vivid. I hope you do have time to do a little tutorial?!

  9. Your tags and artwork are beautiful, Theresa! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I started stamping because I thought it would be quicker than always having to draw or paint something myself. Little did I know, I would fall in love with making art with my stamps and it takes just as long! Been stamping not for 8 years! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Sylvia

  10. Oh! these are just so fantastic. I love the brilliant colors and fabulous textures. Every piece is just such a beauty that it would be hard to chose a favorite I love them all.
    🙂 Chris / CS Designs

  11. absolutely stunning!!!! and eyefest to last all day long {heart}

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