Love This Old Stamp

Hello readers. Flooding rains have kept us on our toes and away from work for most of this week. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and down about the worry of it all. Lydia, always upbeat, suggested I should stamp MORE! And so I did. And I used the current Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge to use a stamp that we love but don’t use, to kick start a journal page.


Love this old stamp a

This is the end result of my stamping session. I pulled out some old favourites from my stamp collection and set to work. But somewhere towards the end I was cleaning some excess ink off of what was meant to be an acrylic resist technique and ended up wiping away my design. What!?! This mixed media thing can be full of surprizes when you least expect it, but it’s great for learning more about my supplies and how they interact with each other. As I found out on this page. I think the ‘mistake’ occured because my first layer of colour onto the gessoed page was water colour crayon, or maybe it was the gesso. I dunno! More play time is needed to get to the bottom of this mystery.


Love this old stamp b

For the keen eyed I can show you a peek into what was left of some of my stamping before I wiped most of it away. I wanted to make a background with that circle medallion stamp stamped with acrylic paint. I’ve completely forgetten who made it, I’ve had it so long and I haven’t used it in years. I’ve gone back thru my archives and discovered it was May 2009 when I last used it to make THIS CARD. While I delving into my older stamps I also came across some texture/pattern stamps I had ordered of ebay many, many moons ago. They look to me like they are cut up pieces from a larger stamp design, so it is anyones guess as to who made them. I used a sunray pattern to fill in some spaces between the circles.

Do you have a stamp you love but whenever you use it it just doesn’t quite hit the mark? For me it has always been this Hero Arts stamp of the butterfly. Nothing wrong with the stamp mind you, just the person holding the stamp, lol. I think this is the the most pleasing thing I’ve made with it. I stamped the image with acrylic paints too. And I still only own two colours of paint so my butterflies had to be blue. All these stamps definitely need more lovin’.



Crossing 30 Jan 2013

As mentioned earlier we’ve been having flooding rains here. This is what was left of  creek crossing after the first lot of rains a month ago.


Feb2013 Flood

The repair works get started and then the next flooding rains come down and cause more damage. On good days we can get our 4WD’s up to the house if we drive thru the creek. But we are in a habit of leaving our vehicles on the town side of the creek (you can see parked just beyond those fence posts) and walking the distance between the house , some 400m. We have more chances of walking across the damage than driving most days. We’re looking forward to sunnier days!


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3 thoughts on “Love This Old Stamp

  1. Yikes about your road! No good! But good Art! Love all stamped images…fun and beautiful! Those butterflies are wonderful and the flowers too! Thank you for stamping with us this week at Simon Says Stamp & Show!

  2. lovely layers of ink and colour – thankfully you have your art to console and distract you – hope all is well soon! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Simon Says Stamp & Show! Sarah.

  3. Wow! You may have wiped something away, but what is left is positively stunning!

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