12 Tags of 2012 – Framed

My little creative art project is now complete. Through out the past year I’ve been inspired by Tim Holtz’s 12 tags of 2012, participating in the internet link up via Inlinks. In February there was just one solitary altered tag amoungst eleven blanks. Last week was the happy day when all the tags were finally, and colourfully, filling my board.

These past few weeks I’ve been contemplating how I would eventually display all these tags. I like to add these tags to my space where I can see them. I don’t take notes, or print off instructions. I learn by doing, improvising, and my muse and I work together with visual cues. So I make these tags to keep for my visual reference, and they look awesome as room decor too. I made many of my Christmas tags this year based on inspiration from these tags.


Framed Tag of 2012

I went to the discount store and found these two frames which I thought would be the perfect size. I re-arranged the tags into an order that I found pleasing and devised a way of attaching them to the backing without adding extra holes or glue to them. I’m a very ordinary photographer, but you can get idea of what they all look like together like this. And if your curious about the boards in the background, they are in fact the floorboards of the verandah. Perfectly grungy, don’t you think!


Now I did say I would have a tutorial to show you how I mounted the tags, and here it is. Warning – there are lots of photos, but I kept the instructions brief.


Tag Frames b  I start with frame size 20cm x 60cm ( 8″ x 24″). Take out glass and matting, and discard.


Tag Frames c

Cut two pieces of pellon larger than the backing board in frame. I used a cotton pellon as used by quilters as that is what I had on hand.


Tag Frames e

Lay one piece of pellon out on the work surface.


Tag Frames d

Spray the inside surface of the backing board with spray adhesive.


Tag Frames f

Lay the glued surface face down onto the pellon.


Tag Frames g

Repeat, but this time you’ll spray the pellon you have just attached to the backing board.


Tag Frames h

Now you have two layers of pellon on your backing board. Trim back the excess pellon.


Tag Frames i

Spray the top layer of pellon with adhesive…..


Tag Frames j

……. and lay down onto fabric cut with an extra 3cm (generous 1″) margin all round.


Tag Frames k

Spray a spot of adhesive in two corners……..


Tag Frames l

……. and fold the corners of fabric in as pictured. Note – I found the Elmers All Purpose Spray Adhesive had a good strong hold. I didn’t have to wait for bonding of fabric to backing board which made this project really fast, simple and mess free.

Repeat with the other two corners.


Tag Frames m

Spray a line between two corners……


Tag Frames o

Your board should now look like this from the back…….


Tag Frames p

…and something like this from the front.


Tag Frames q

Insert back into the frame.


Tag frame r

To attach the tags, position the tag where you want it to be, get a large headed sewing pin and pierce the fabric right up close to the tag. Laying the pin as flat to the surface as possible, slide all the way in so only the head is showing. The pin heads hold the tag in place securely without actually piercing the tag. I used six pins for each tag.

If you’d like to try this method for framing some of your favourite altered tags I’d love to see what you’ve done. This would be a great idea for displaying tag swaps too. You can easily change tags out as you mood or seasons change. Now I’m off to hang the frames.

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7 thoughts on “12 Tags of 2012 – Framed

  1. Thanks for the congratulations and kind words as always. i love how you are displaying your tags! I have them all clipped up on a photo hanger for now. Your idea is just beautiful. I love the use of the pins! This was such a fun project and I just love this community of crafters. Happy New Year..Looking forward to seeing more of your creations in 2013!

  2. I’ve just caIught up on your blog and all of your tags for the year … how lovely! You have always been an inspiring crafter, but I think this past year you have outdone yourself. The final tag display is amazing! I have some girlfriends who love doing Tim’s tags and I’m anxious to show them your altered frame display. Be well in the new year, Theresa. Blessings!

  3. Just love these Theresa! And they are so beautifully displayed. Great idea for attaching them…thanks for the photos to show the details. I loved watching your tags come together and they have provided me artistic delight and inspiration. I’d be very hard pressed to select a favorite, but it might be #11 (bird/flowers) or the Christmas one or the bird cage one…but then I love the two on the left sides. Oh, see! I can’t pick just one. Sort of like opening a bag of potato chips! Your artwork is that good! Happy New Year to you friend. Always so good to touch base with you. May this year bring you many delights!

  4. You rock…such a fabulous idea! I just hang mine from ribbon, but showcasing these beauties in a frame is just stunning! They scream “Look at me!” Beautiful!

  5. Cheryl S.

    What a terrific way to display your wonderful tags. I hope to give your idea a try so I can display my tags in my studio to enjoy. I hate to place them in a tag book or somewhere else out of sight. They should be enjoyed!! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  6. Priscilla

    Great idea it flooks fabulous. Thanks for the tut!

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