12 Tags of 2012 – December Part Two

So here I am, near the end of the year with my final tag of the 12 Tags of 2012. Tim Holtz inspired us with two tags this month to make up the shortfall for the ‘missing’ January tag, and I chose the first tag to use as the inspiration for that month.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 7

I stuck with making this a blue tag just like the original, but what I was really inspired by, and therefore wanted to repeat on my tag, was using Stamp2Cut. Stamp2Cut, by Sizzix, is an electronic cutting system that allows me to cut with great detail, stamped images from Tim Holtz’s Stampers Anonymous collection.  I stamped and cut two images multiple times so I could get a layered and dimensional look. I ended up using all the stamp images from Natures Moments on this one, with a couple of extras from other sets to finish it off.

I had a very encouraging responce to my recent post of my step by step process of creating. I took a couple of photos early in the making of this tag for another purpose but half way thru the making I decided to take pics all the way thru to the end. This is for those crafters I meet who say  ‘I’m afraid of making mistakes’. I’m here to tell you that this tag was a series of ‘mistakes’ that in the end turned into a perfectly acceptable tag. So come along for the journey and see what happened along the way.


12 tags of 2012 Jan a

First thing I do when I make my tags is to make several background samples. I was not liking how the ink was reacting with my purchased manilla tags, so I diecut a couple of tags from manilla folders and got better results. I made seven altogether so I picked out the one I liked and stowed the rest in my tag stash for another day .


12 tags of 2012 Jan b

I wanted to use watercolur paper just like Tim used for his tag, but I chose to use dye inks instead Archival Inks. This is a heavy weight paper so I was expecting that I’d ruin some images as I grappled with getting the cuts right. I’m relatively new to using cutting machines so I expect to make mistakes as I learn. I picked out the good cuts and laid them out on my chosen tag. Hmmm. Naahhh. Not working for me. The white of the paper is too distracting.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 1

I try a different approach. I get out my ‘bad’ tags and stamp them with Archival Inks this time, and cut them out with Stamp2Cut. Now I have no white background around the edges, and the background colours are of course the same as my tag


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 2

So here I have a selection of the good, the bad, and the totally messed up cuts. There comes a point round about here that I tell myself to just move on with it and make something of it. I mean, how bad is it really? Not that bad it seems. Or maybe you never saw were all the imperfections were anyway.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 3

So I layer up some of the cuts for a dimensional look. The stem has three layers, two manlila and one water colour paper. Nice. I decide where I want to position the images. Something like this. At this point I go back and look at Tims tag to get some inspiration for embellishing. I see text, silver and a horizonal strip. I think I can work those elements into my design. Lets go.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 4

I have a need to add some stamping into the background. I also notice that the last two lines on my sentiment could stand out as a statement on it’s own and fulfill my need to have a horizonal strip at the bottom. Clever. Not so clever to use silver embossing powder on the sentiment as I can barely read it. Hmmm. What to do? Need to fix this without making a small problem into an ugly problem.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 5

At first I have my doubts about committing to adding darker colours, but in the end I just go for it. And hope for the best. Whats the worse thing that will happen? If it didn’t work I’d just try something else. I’m not sure that I fixed my ‘problem’, but I can live with this.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 6

I layer up pieces to see how they look now. I think to myself that the stem could do with some more work. But I don’t want to ruin it at this late stage so I take a few of the left over cuts and I experiment with spraying them with a shimmer ink. I like the results, so I go for spraying my stem. Ummm… maybe I didn’t need to do that after all. It didn’t improve it any, but thankfully it’s still good to use.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 7

I asemble all my element stogether and call it DONE! And I’m well pleased with how it turned out in the end.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 8

Love the dimension achived with the multi layering of the stems.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 10

I chose to put the coloured images at the back so you only get a glimpse of the colour. It is a happy compromise of combining the features of both the permanent Archival Ink and the blending of the Distress ink.

12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 9

On the right angle the sentiment has high contrast so it reflects the light, as seen here.


12 Tags Of 2012 Jan 11

These are some of the left over stems from my spray experiment. They turned out delightful and I’ll save them for another project. A willingness to try something new and accept that it may ruin something can often give you something completely unexpected.

Normally I’d finish off with a photo of my cork board display of my tags. Not today. I’ve been pondering how I’ll display these crafty little works of art in my home. I have a solution. Details in my next post, with a tutorial.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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9 thoughts on “12 Tags of 2012 – December Part Two

  1. Tracey Kuzniak

    Gorgeous tag!! Your creative process sounds so much like mine lol!!

  2. Lola G.

    This is really lovely, and I’m learning quite a bit from listening to your process. Thanks so much for taking the time to put together all of this information for us to enjoy!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for the step out as well!

  4. WOW–those are stunning tags!

  5. Love the dimension in this tag! Thanks for the glimpse into creativity 101

  6. How fun! I really enjoyed seeing your process! i don’t have the stamp2cut, and was wondering about it. Love how your flowers turned out. Such lovely colors and love how you did the sentiment. Have a Happy New Year!

  7. Your work is totally gorgeous! Love all the step-out photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love your colors and how you popped up so many elements… what a gorgeous tag!

  9. So lovely! I love all the layers of color and the 3 dimensional images. Awesome inking 🙂


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