12 Tags of 2012 – July

Hello to my dear blogging friends. It feels like an age since I was posting my last project on this blog. I knew my blogging would slow down during these months of transition for me as I slowly move house, so if your still hanging around with me here I appreciate the time you’ve taken to stop by. I did made a personal committment to on this blog was to continue to participate in Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2012 during this extended ‘time-off’, and with that I present to you my efforts for this months tag.


When Tims July Tag went live I was half way thru moving my craft room, so most of my supplies and tools were at my new place, but as luck would have it I still had my Alcohol Inks and some glossy cardstock still in my possession at my current home.  So I set to work and started to play about with them, creating splatter patterns by blowing through a straw. I have to say here and now, that alcohol inks generally don’t float my boat, but I persevered, and after much huffing and puffing (and a dizzy head, lol) I created a splatter that inspired me enough to make something of it. The overlayed greens and yellows looked like blades of grass to me so I went with a meadow theme for this tag.

Since I knew exactly what I needed to finish the tag (and more importantly where to find them), I picked these items up from the new place when I made another trip out there. The tag was a left over from my Creative Chemisrty 101 class and the stamps are from one of my all time favourite stamp sets ever –  Unitys ‘Insightful Meadows’ by Donna Downey. The wild flowers were stamped with my new Archival Inks, which the more I use them the more I like them. I may yet decide to add more to this tag when I have access to more of my supplies, but for now this is it, and I’m okay with that small achievement.


And this is how the great tag wall is shaping up. Regular readers will have noticed that the wall looks different this month. Thats because I’ve already moved the tags to a pinboard and they are at the new place. Yes, I’m in transition and have my feet in two camps at the moment. Can we say challenging times?


So whats happening in my world lately? I’ve changed jobs and will be starting with a new company. Taking two weeks off for me and my family’s health was a risky gamble in a casual employment situation, and my greatest fears were realised when I had little to no work when I got back. As disappointed as I am that things turned out as they did, I was fortunate that I had good work before the hospital stay so I could afford the neccessary operations. Maybe this new employer will be more family friendly. And as for the house move, that hit a brick wall last week that bought me to a stand still, but this week I’m ready to keep moving forward with it. I really miss having my crafty space to retreat to, but all will be restored to me in good time. Still, there has been a lot of good things happen for me lately so I’ve got much to be thankful for. I’m sure by next month I’ll be more settled with the new home and new job.

Happy crafting everyone!


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12 thoughts on “12 Tags of 2012 – July

  1. Hi Theresa! Good to see you are still crafting out there. I can identify with the house in an uproar! Sorry to hear about the job, but I believe you have your priorities straight. Hope this new job is even better. Take care

  2. P.S. The tag is awesome, my favourite colours

  3. Gail Payne

    Another beautiful and inspiring tag as are ALL your tags! I love the colors you’ve chosen for each tag! Your display will be a lovely addition to your new crafting area!

  4. ceparie

    Great color combo, love Donna’s stamp.

  5. Your tag is inspired, Love how you were led by the splats you created not trying to emulate Tim’s tag – it is beautiful – BJ

  6. Beautiful tag.

  7. Kay

    Love your take on tims tag 🙂

  8. Lovely tags i really like your method of display also…….now where did I put that cork board? ……….thanks for the inspiration x

  9. Gorgeous tag. I love your take on this months technique. Yummy colours too. You are building up a fabulous display.

  10. I just love that they are all so different and yet your touch is still evident. Hope the new job works out and that house moving is going well.

  11. Your tag is beautiful!!!!

  12. wow! Every time I have stopped by your blog it has just been to look at the tutorial for the roses (and yes I really did use vellum for that rose) and I haven’t looked around very much. These tags are amazing! I’m looking at each one and they are just beautiful! I have seen a lot about alcohol inks lately. I think I need t give them a try. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with your move. Hope you can get back in your crafty space soon, you make beautiful treasures!

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