Post Surgery Update 2

Oh wow, has it really been one week since the last post. I feel like a long time has passed since I was here.

Audrey had a successful surgery and is now home recovering and healing. The procedure lasted 6 hours,  she was in ICU for nearly 36 hours and then two more days in the wards before being sent home. The surgeons are confident they have done everything surgically possible to give her the best outcome for improved functioning of her mouth, the rest is now in the hands of the Orthodontist to hold everything in place while everything heals and sets.

I’m back at work again, which feels wonderfully normal. My hearing is improving everyday and I really notice the difference when I’m at work. I’m heading back to the city again and I’ll be bring Audrey home with me so she can have a peaceful and relaxing convalesence out in the country. She wants to snuggle up and watch videos with me when we get home – sweet!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.

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5 thoughts on “Post Surgery Update 2

  1. Jan Reddaway

    Glad all is going well Theresa.

  2. That’s good news! Good to hear, and thankful for good outcomes!

  3. Happy to hear the good outcomes! Take care

  4. kirstyscardnscrap

    Awesome news for you both. I have been thinking of you, and how busy you have been! Talk soon

  5. Great to hear! So glad you both are healing and improving. Nature is fabulous, isn’t it! Enjoy the videos!

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