Post Surgery Update 1

Hello everyone, and thanks for all the thoughtful comments and well wishes for this week.

My operation to restore my hearing in my right ear went well. And as expected, I was able to hear as soon as I woke up. I wouldn’t say the hearing was normal though, but as each day passes it does seem to get better. There are some sounds that are amplified in the ear canal which are out of proportion to other sounds. For example when I go for a drive the wind passing outside the car is amplified in my ear canal, and at first I wasn’t sure if I was driving with all windows and doors open. Imagine if you will, the sound you hear when holding a sea shell up to your ear, but greater. Or the really wierd one was when the toilet was flushed, and I could see the water swirling around, but the noise of it was right up next to my ear drum, as if I was underwater. And blocking my ears doesn’t diminish the sound in anyway either. Weird. LOL. Thankfully those noises are getting lesser as things are settling down.

One of the things I’m not allowed to do is blow my nose and I have to avoid sneezing while the ear is healing. Without even thinking I naturally went to clear my nose. Oh dear! I wont do that again for another week I’m sure. And you know what, sometimes I just want to cry just to releive some tension, because it’s been a big week and I’m just a girl, but I dare not because the first thing I’ll want to do is grab a tissue, and of course blow my nose, lol. So I’m stifling a good cry which I’ll have to save up for another time.

And that brings me up to today, which is Friday. Later on today my Daughter has her reconstructive surgery. She is in good hands and all your prayers are appreciated. And I need the strength, will and determination to not cry. Breathe deeply. Aaahhhhhhh.

I’ll report back after it is all over.

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7 thoughts on “Post Surgery Update 1

  1. Oh Teresa, I just shed a tear for you. You are so strong and I do feel for you. My prayers are offered up for you and your daughter.
    God Bless. Aussie BettyK

  2. dianenoble50

    So glad to get this update, Theresa. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep DD in my prayers too. Will be anxious to know how that goes for her. Know you’ll have some anxious moments for her.

  3. Glad to here you are doing well! hugs to you and your DD in the coming days of surgery and recovery.

  4. Sending happy thoughts (no tears) and continued prayers for you and your DD! Anxious to hear more updates!

  5. Jan Reddaway

    Thinking of you and your daughter Theresa and sending hugs.

  6. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Sending you warm wishes for you and your daughter for a speedy recovery. All the best! ~Sophia

    • Hope everything went well and you just let those tears flow without the sniff! and breath! Thinking of you both.

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