12 tags of 2012 – May

Hi guys, I’m still here, and I want to thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers as I’m about to go through an anxious week with the upcoming surgeries. I found some time to turn my hand to making a tag inspired by Tim Holtz about two weeks ago, and today I squeezed some time in to do my post.  I’d made several attempts at making this tag, as my application of the tissue paper, like Tim used for his background, was just not working for me. So I had a rethink about it and came up with this.

I had originally started out with tissue pattern paper, just as Tim did, but I eventually got the message after the forth tag that this just wasn’t working for me. What to do?  Then I remembered, recently I purchased a small stack of vintage sewing magazines from the Op Shop, and one of them was a ratty duplicate. So I adhered some of the paper to my tag, and I knew I was onto something that would work for me. Despite the age of the paper (older than me I’m sure) it was surprizingly good to work with. I added some stamping with Archival Inks to the background, numbers to represent measuring tape, and circles that looked like buttons.


I tried the faux porcelain flower technique that Tim used for his tag. I really like how this technique made the mulberry paper of the leaves turn translucent. I layered a scrap of hand dyed lace behind the flowers for some textural interest. I was having a hard time getting those flowers to ‘look right’ on my tag, and I tried various arrangements and embellishments to get an over all look that was pleasing to me. As soon as I found that scrap of lace I could visualize how the tag would take shape and I finally had some direction to finish off the piece. I have to say up to this point I was making more of a mess than a creation, lol.


Lately I’ve been buying and collecting  vintage dressmaking patterns as I like the graphics on the envelope. I don’t mind that the envelopes are stained and have small tears on the edges. I imagine they look like that because they were well used and I used that as inspiration for my tag.


I found three images in my Crafty Secrets stash of sewing themed scraps and used them as my ‘model’ in lieu of the stamped mannequin that Tim used. I aged them with distress inks, including stamping on some water stains with one of Tims stamps. And call me crazy, but it’s those barely noticed (from afar) splotches that I like the best, since it really looks like some of the patterns I have in my collection.

At this point I was going to consider my tag done, but I had a nagging feeling to add something extra.


I decided I needed some ‘Hardware Findings’ to finish this off. So I ferreted through my old sewing box and found my own bits of hardware in the form of these hooks. I then found a scrap of ribbon floss and wound it around the hooks. Now I’ll call it done!


And the Tag Wall as it looks for the month of May.


And now a little update about me and mine.

Monday 28 May, I go in to hospital to have a Stapedectomy. This will restore my hearing in the right ear, all things going well. An overnight stay is required, which I’m almost looking forward to since it’ll be a forced rest. I’m told I should be hearing as soon as I wake up from the General. It’s about a two hour operation.

Friday 1 June, my daughter, Audrey (18), goes in for her Orthognathic Surgery. This is one that involves the realignment of her jaw/s to correct an overdevelopment of her lower jaw and improve the functioning of the mouth. We went to the final pre-op consultation yesterday to get the run down on how things will proceed. Since this surgery will affect her visual appearance, this needs to also be considered with the main goal of correcting the disfunction caused by the jaw. Some decisions about what will need to be done will not be made until an assessment is made during the operation, so she could be under anethesia for up to six hours. I have faith that she has good team of surgeons working with her and she is in the best of hands. We’re feeling positive about moving forward with this. I look at her and I see a beautiful young woman and I must confess an anxiety at times about the visual changes, but her concern would be a hundred fold of what mine would be, no doubt. She avoids wearing lipstick, so when this is all over we are going shopping for lipstick, and she tells me she wants a bold red! LOL. Something fun to look forward to.

I must start packing. I’ll post an update after she gets home. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.


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12 thoughts on “12 tags of 2012 – May

  1. WOW – so much to say to you! First off, this is an AMAZING TAG! Oh my, how beautiful, I absolutely adore it. It’s one of your best works to date! The way you used the patterns as inspiration and tied it all together with the lace and aging techniques, it truly melts me. I know you’re gonna enjoy having this tag in your growing collection! Secondly, I will be thinking of you and your daughter. I pray God’s hand guides the doctors and that you both have quick healing. I look forward to your next post!

  2. Gail Payne

    Theresa, I am fairly new to your blog and want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your creativity! Each of your tags are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent to inspire us! I will be praying for you that your hearing will be fully restored without complications and that the Lord will give you perfect peace for both your surgery and your daughters. I’ll also pray for you, your family and your daughter, regarding her upcoming surgery and the many concerns involved in her procedure…that the doctors will have wisdom and discernment, and supernatural skill beyond their own ability. Blessings to you! Gail Payne

  3. Thinking of both of you! I am sure it will go well and soon you will both go on to improved quality of life! I will keep checking your blog, so just know there are lots of good thoughts and hugs coming your way.

  4. Wow, this is a totally amazing tag! Love how you designed this and the mini pattern panels are sheer brilliance! Fabulous tag! Thinking of the two of you and knowing that the surgeries will be successful and healing speedy and complete!

  5. Hi Misty, Thanks for you comment on my Timmy Tag. I have just looked at yours and it is great too. I love how you used the hooks and can’t for the life of me see how you attached them to the tag – LOL. I then just HAD to look at all your other tags and you most definitely have a very beautiful and distinctive style all of your own, where I just try to copy Tim! BJ

    • I didn’t think to mention it. The hooks are adhered with Glossy Accents. First time I glued a metal embellishment and I was surprized at the hold and quick drying time with this product. Very quick and easy.

  6. WoW! your tag is beautiful, the idea of the hooks is great, i love all.

  7. Hi Theresa, firstly thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, so lovely of you.

    I love your take on Tim’s tag, mainly because you have used different things and made it look gorgeous, love the look of the boddice bit at the top and those patterns are a wonderful addition (took me back a lot of years!), your flowers are amazing and I love that lace – all so well done. It would be lovely if you won!

    I hope all goes well for you and your Daughter. Very best wishes to you both.

    Anne x

  8. Totally gorgeous….LOVE all the vintage beauty of it and the amazing use of vintage finds…the paper, the hook/eye pieces. Love vintage patterns myself because they remind me of the scores of patterns from that era my mother had in drawer after drawer. She was quite the seamstress in her day. Now she’s quilting. Love your tags…so glad you are doing that again.

  9. Theresa, Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I think your tag is just beautiful! The lace behind the flowers is a perfect addition. The hooks and thread remind me of an old-fashioned corset! I like your tag better than the original we had for inspiration! Blessings to you and your daughter while you undergo the upcoming procedures. I’ll be checking back for an update on both of you.

  10. Linda W

    WOW what a fabulous tag. I love the touch of lace and your flowers are beautiful. Well done you. Hope everything goes well for you and your daughter, love and best wishes to you both. x

  11. Such a beautiful tag. Love the way you did the corset like strings and the images are awesome. I said a prayer for an easy surgery and quick healing.

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