Preparing Some Swaps and Preparing For Some Changes


Today I’ve been playing around with a project I started on months ago. Some of you may recognize those stamped words from my 12 tags of Christmas 2011, and the many stampings I did with a custom stamp pad I made. Waste not, want not. I wasn’t that keen on keeping the custom stamp pad since I didn’t want to store it, as I was sure I’d never find it again. I also knew I was going to go to a Stamp camp later this year and would require some swaps, so I got as many stampings as I could from the custom stamp pad. Any left overs I’ll use for Christmas cards later in the year. When the mood hit I’d work on my swap project, either die cutting, or embossing, or sponging or …… whatever. I had to make 40 of something and I didn’t want to have to do it all in one go. The swap guidelines have been announced and we are to do Technique Tags. Easy! Today was the day to spend some time assembling some finished tags.


And here is my effort for today. 20 tags completed. Me being me, I’ve incorporated a number of techniques into my tag, but the main ones would be emboss resist, custom stamp pad ( of course) and hand dyed lace trim. Yes, I dyed the lace too!


I had thought to add some flower embellishments, but I think I better not overload myself with too much work. I hope these look shabby in the right kind of way – chic not cheap – lol. I don’t often do swaps, coz lets face it, everyone has a different idea about styles and tastes and efforts. I was quite pleased with last years Stamp Camp swap. I still have most of them out on display and quite often just study their composition. I’m already thinking about how I can display the Technique Tags once the swap is complete.


So what are these changes I’m referring to in the post title? I’ve been comtemplating how I broach this subject. Where do I start? I’ll start with how I’m feeling.

Tired. Just plain old weary some days. I also have periods when it’s most days. That saddens me since I love to spend time doing my arts and crafts and blogging. I’ve always kept myself busy and loved to catch snippets of time to add a bit of crafty goodness to my day. I love the frantic pace of the Hope You Can Cling To Challenges or squeezing in some Tim Time to work on a tag or two. It was nothing unusual to work on something while having my early morning (4.30 am) cuppa as I got ready for work, or quickly stamp something just before I headed out the door to socialize. Now I’m just too weary. For now at least.

In truth, this past couple of months has been a time for me to face some changes. Some big, some not so big and some very small. But change nonetheless. In no particular order those changes involve a review of all my finances and insurances (eek!), an update of mobile phones, computers and telecomunication services (I’m ready to move into the 21st century, LOL), I’m moving house in a couple of months (thats big!), selling my car ( I liked that old girl) and a bunch of other trying things. And it all takes up a lot of time and energy.

And the bigger event(s) will be not one, but two, surgical operations at the end of May. One will be a relatively small op to restore my hearing. The other is a more intensive op on my daughter, which will see her in hospital care for several days and then several weeks off of work as she is healing. We’ve known about the need for the ops for a few years now and the time has finally arrived to get them done. By the way, in case your wondering, the ops are not related in any way, it was just a matter of timing.

There is some other changes on the horizon too, but I’ll save that reveal for another day. I think you’ll agree I’ve got more than enough to keep me occupied for now. So where does that leave me with crafting and blogging? With very little time I’m afraid. But I’m not ready to give it all away just yet, but my posts for the next few months will be a lot less often than once a week. At the very least I still want to participate in 12 tags of 2012 once a month. Anything after that will be a bonus. Once all the dust settles after I move out in July, I should be back to a more regular routine with blogging. I hope!

Thanks to all my readers for your encouragment to me to keep on moving forward.


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7 thoughts on “Preparing Some Swaps and Preparing For Some Changes

  1. evelyn poole

    Hi Theresa, what a great effort.And yes, i can vouch that the lace was definately hand dyed, i seen you do it.20 down and 20 to go.Big Hugs Ev.x

  2. Your tags are truly BEAUTIFUL! Yes, they are super chic (not cheap) and the recipients will be very lucky to have it. I’ll be thinking of you and your daughter in the upcoming ops, and pray for quick healing!

  3. dianenoble50

    Theresa, these are totally beautiful…nothing cheap about them at all. I love them…and love the lace. I can totally relate to managing what’s on the plate. Sounds like that’s just the thing you need to do. I’ll keep you and DD in my prayers, Theresa. We will love it whenever you can post…we’ll be right here!

  4. Gorgeous tags Theresa!!! You definitely have a good shabby chic look with these!!! The colors are so beautiful!!! ~Sophia

  5. Firstly, the tags are beautiful and you will inspire them at Camp? Secondly, you take the time you need to heal in whatever way you need. Change makes people tired. Life makes people tired. Rest up and get better. Positive vibes heading your way at the end of May!

  6. Your tags are awesome! I have had that custom pad in a ziplock baggie since I made my tag…I should have used it up like you did! I don’t think ahead! I love the colors and distressing you did on your tags. They will be happy to receive them. Sending the best to you and your daughter as yo prepare for our surgeries and your move. I look forward to seeing your next tag.. I am enjoying Tim doing them monthly…makes it easier to fit them in.

  7. Hi Theresa, I will be watching your blog for updates. I hope all goes well for both of you, and that soon we will be seeing your lovely creations on a regular basis again.

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