What? No Pictures?

So, here I find myself on a Sunday evening, sitting quietly at my computer wondering what to blog about this week. This past week has been unusually full of life outside of the craft room. Looking back over the week, I recall Wednesday evening being the last true quiet time I had. Since then my time has been taken up with sleep, work and visitors. I doubt I had 15 minutes true rest in the past few days, apart from bed time. Would you believe I even crawled away during my lunch break on Saturday to find a place a catch some much need rest/sleep?  I could have grabbed some shut eye on a pile of jaggered rocks and still found comfort there, lol.

So the upshot of this is that I’ve got nothing to show you today. Anything I may have completed, with my Creative Chemistry 101 course earlier in the week, I never got a chance to get photographed. But despite my lack of time to experiement with techniques, or even watch the last part of the course videos for week two, I’ll have a life time access to all the class content to catch up. In truth, my head is still back in week one, with all the stuff I learnt then and ideas I still want to test from that week. I’ll be having fun for weeks, playing and learning.

I’d like to say I’ll be back with a mid week post, to fill in for todays post, but I better not test fate. Sometimes life just goes into overdrive and you just have to run with it. I love being busy, but I do manage to get a good balance of quiet time into my busy-ness. My main objective these next couple of days is to get the balance back, and unburden myself of all the stuff I feel I don’t need to carry with me into the fresh, new week.

See ya all soon. Cheers.

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One thought on “What? No Pictures?

  1. dianenoble50

    Theresa, I hope you find those quiet moments just for yourself. Your description of life in overdrive is so true…so much to rush over that we don’t even realize there are no moments to quiet mind, body, spirit. Hope you find them this week!

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