Getting Ready For A Name Change

Hi folks! I’ve had a busy week doing lots of stuff but, alas, none of it crafting. I’ve rearranged the furniture in my craftroom this week, so I’m making headway with my plans for getting more organized. And the weather has afforded me some ideal time to do some of the bigger jobs that need doing out in the garden too. All in all it’s been a very physical week. Not that I’m complaining, because I have to admit to being somewhat invigorated by the bigger activities. I got some definition back in my biceps too!

So whats up with the name change? I’ve decided to change the title of this blog from “Cards by Misstreez – using rubber stamps, paper and ink”, to “Misty Messes”. Misty, is of course a play on my name and intials, and I love getting messy when I create and craft.

Why? I want to have a blog that is about a variety of all things I create, not just stamping and paper crafts. Gasp! Are you all still with me? This year I’ve taken on a new focus in my personal life, which in turn has created a shift in what I want to do creatively and how I want to do it. To my subscribers who come here primarily for the stamping and cardmaking, fear not, because I’m sure I’ll still be doing lots of that.  So with this slight shift in direction I wanted a blog name that wasn’t restricted to just stamping, if you know what I mean.

What will it mean to you as a subscriber? Hopefully not a whole lot. I’m not that tech savvy but I’m assuming you’ll be subscribed to my wordpress address, www dot misstreez dot wordpress dot com, not the title. So you should still get updates. BUT the title on those up dates might change. So if you see an email title or blog reader title that says ‘Misty Messes’, you know it’s me and not some cyber junk clogging your inbox.

When? Name change will be effective 11 March, or two Sundays from now. I’ll give you another reminder next Sunday about the impending change.

Now lets just say I got this all wrong and it does change my subscriber notices. What then? I always post once a week on a Sunday, so if you haven’t heard from me via an update notice after Sunday 11, just pop back to this address. You’ll always find me here.

I’ll be back next week with something stamped up for you. I’ve ordered a new stamp set and I’ll have to get it inked up when it gets here.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For A Name Change

  1. Change is invigorating, and a fresh face on familiar things is always thrilling. I’m so happy that your creativity has touched new mediums because you do a wonderful job with all your designs. I love the variety and inspiration you offer here. I’ll be watching for Misty Messes, and will love getting messy with you. Don’t you feel like a real artist the messier it gets? I love paint all over me!!! So glad you are here!!!!

  2. Direction change is great, and have a name that reflects that, get messy!!!

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