Testing Out My New Powers of Blog Beautification

I’ve finally made a breakthrough with trying to figure out how to change the look of my blog. It’s only taken several years for this incredibly slow learner. But I did it , with the help of someone providing me with the relevent link that was the key to unlocking some of the WordPress mystery.

To all my blog subscribers who signed up without the eye candy of a pretty blog, you now have something a tiny bit more appealling to look at. I hope! These are baby steps I’m taking, and there is still a bit more stuff I want to understand about customizing. Please feel free to give me your opinions, good or bad, about any changes.

My first priority is readability, so I chose a theme with a serif font. Does it make a difference to you? And I chose a background that was pale neutral as I want the colour of the photos to be the main feature (and that got changed already. I think it needs some colour after all, lol)  There are a few more things I’d like to change but it’s taken me a couple of days to get this far with it. I need to move on a learn some more tips and tricks, so my next challenge is to figure out how to install those nifty blinkies into my side bar. (Check)

I have that lovley lightheaded feeling of having overcome a personal hurdle.

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5 thoughts on “Testing Out My New Powers of Blog Beautification

  1. Lovely! I’ve heard wordpress is not as user friendly…it seems way too techie for me, so I’m impressed!

  2. Junee

    Good for you.Congratulations.

  3. RitaR

    CONGRATULATIONS ….. and well done!!

  4. Looks very good – and I agree with you – the photos are the main item, not the background! Love your tags from last year and love the Feb one too!

  5. Well done Theresa, you will be a techie before you know it!!!

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