Inspired While Doing The Ironing

This year I’ve decided to focus on my making my house a more homey place, and I’m making my dining room table the center of that focus. That is where I usually do all my crafting. I have a separate room I use as my craft room, but the table is where I like to work because it has nice light and pleasing views out the windows. This year instead of leaving all my crafty goodness all over the table, as I have been doing this past couple of years, I’ve made a pact with myself to have a clear table. I got to thinking that a reward to myself for keeping it clear would be a good incentive to keep on track with it. As I was looking at my empty vase for the past couple of weeks, I hit upon the idea of making a fresh bunch of flowers at the beginning of each month the reward for maintaining the table for the past month.


Walking into the house and seeing the lovely fresh flowers makes me feel good. And not content with just the fresh flowers, I also went with changing out the doileys and embroidered cloths too. I have a small suitcase full of these and they are wasted tucked out of sight. I selected a couple and set about ironing them with some stiff starch. Ahhhhh… even the smell of ironing them made me feel good. Makes me think of my grandmother who use to iron for other people to make some extra money. I’m also reminded of going with her shopping to select my first fancywork pre-printed linen for me to stitch. I was about 8 years old I think.


While I’m ironing away I’m wondering what I’m going to blog about for today. My original project didn’t turn out so well, so I needed a plan B. Thats when I was inspired to make a card using this embroidered detail on one of the cloths I was ironing.


I stamped the flowers (Stampin’Up! One Of a Kind) using my watercolour crayons, and punched the flowers  out with a matching punch. The vine and fence are Cherry Lynn die cuts. I added the piercings to represent the drawn thread work used for the hemming decoration on the cloth. I kept the design fairly simple to reflect the simple design of the cloth.


And this is how the card looks beside its inspiration. I think I captured the ‘look’ of the original. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Inspired While Doing The Ironing

  1. Beverly

    Theresa, 5:30 a.m. here in the States & having trouble sleeping. Turned on the old ‘puter and there were your lovely flowers…all of them…fresh, fabric and papery beauties. Love your fresh beauties. What a nice way to reward yourself. When I opened your email I exclaimed “Oh!” out loud. Your card is fabulous. Truly captures the feel of your stitched doilies and a nice remembrance of your grandmother.


  2. Isn’t it fun to get creative from such inspirations. I just love it when that happens. Then for awhile you see cards in everything! This is so pretty, Theresa. How precious too that you had some fond recollections of your grandmother. Amazing what bids those memories to our mind! Love your work as always. Very sweet.

  3. Love your idea of rewarding yourself with the fresh flowers! The linens and arrangement are beautiful as is the card. What a wonderful inspiration this has been for you!!! Love it!!! ~Sophia

  4. Definitely and I am casing that tomorrow! It’s lovely and so reminiscent of grandmothers and other things old but beautiful. As you wrote about it I could smell the starch – keep on creating! Hope you are not too damp from all that rain in Qld?!!

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