Mums Birthday Today

Happy Birthday Mum! I surprised her today with an unannounced visit. All her birthday plans had been cancelled due to inclement weather. I didn’t want to let her know I was making a trip into the city,  just in case I couldn’t make it myself, but now the day had arrived, I was confident of good travelling conditions. So, armed with a card, a gift and a cake, I made my way to her house and – SURPRISE!! She was very happy.


This is the card I made with matching tagged gift. My mother loves sewing. She use to make my clothes and our dolls clothes when I was little. I still have, hanging in my wardrobe, the dress she made for a Junior Ball I attended when I was 9 years old. She does machine embroidery and patchwork and quilting. Her mother sewed, and my mother passed the gene onto me too. (Yes, I too am very nifty with the sewing machine., but where would I find the time these days to do all things. Sigh!)  I made her this set to reflect her passion for the sewing arts.


Just before Christmas I got a wonderful parcel from my postie via Crafty Secrets. I won a prize package from them and I was able to select a Vintage Sewing themed Creative Scraps sheet from them. I knew it’d be perfect for making something for my mother. I thought this snippet was most appropriate.


I bought this sewing machine die cut from Cottage Cutz (Sewing Machine and Dress Form 4×4) several months ago but never got around to using it, so it made it’s debut onto this card. This die is quite detailed and requires a bit of time to put it together. Can you see how tiny the needle die cut is? Now thats tiny! And of course I had to make more work of this by ‘threading’ the machine with real thread. And not the cotton variety either. Noooo. I had to use rayon machine embroidery thread which is a real ‘slippery sucker’. I got to test out my new glasses doing this, lol.  But the extra detail was worth the effort I think.


I also used some Cherry Lynn Design dies. These are very pretty dies with lots and lots of fine details. The dies I used here are a doiley, lace border, leafy flourish and two sizes of rose dies. For me, there is a real WOW factor when I remove the paper cut from the lacey border. All those tiny pin pricks do it for me. Ahhhh! (Note – from my own personal experience of running these dies thru both new Cuttlebug and Big Shot machines, the Big Shot wins hands down for best cutting results.)


I have to tell you more about these Crafty Secrets Creative Scraps. They were really fun to use. Like I mentioned earlier, the one I used for this card had lots of sewing themed images, printed onto both sides of cardstock.  On the backside I found the pretty bordered label which fitted perfectly as the footer for my card. And I made my own button embellishments by punching out the button images and adding glossy accents on the top for shine. These little scraps are perfect for adding lots of fun details. What crafter do you know that doesn’t have an over supply of magazines depicting their favourite hobby? I had to add the magazine graphic too.


And lastly, there is the tag. The base is a Marianne Designs die cut, and the dress form is a part of the same die cut as the sewing  machine. I dressed the form with a piece of vintage lace I inherited from my grandmothers stash. Very fitting (pun intended, lol). I attached the card to a bundle of plaid fat eights by loosening up the ties, and lacing the ends thru the flower cut out at the top.

Mum loved the unexpected visit and the gifts. While I was there she showed me her latest patchwork projects  – a scrappy quilt for a fundraiser and some bags she is working on. I suggested to her that we should think about doing a craft stall together in the future, just for the experience. It could be fun.

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7 thoughts on “Mums Birthday Today

  1. Wow!!!! I love vintage cards and this one is fabulous!!!! The detailing is just extraordinary!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ~Sophia

  2. Oh, I bet your Mum was so happy with your beautiful card and tag, and your surprise visit! You are a very sweet daughter. I think the sewing theme is so neat … makes me think of my mom, she loved to sew! Tell you Mum happy birthday from your friend in the states!

  3. Katrina

    Double Wow! That is so beautiful. All the little details. I’m sure it made your Mum feel very special.

  4. This is absolutely stunning, Theresa! Love all the frilly goodness of it. What sweet and precious gifts for her….especially the gift of your time and presence. Know that thrilled her heart. So much inspiration on your site. Have you joined Pinterest yet?

  5. Just saw that I’m already following you on Pinterest! LOL And thanks for another sweet comment. We MUST catch up soon via email!

  6. Beverly

    Theresa, what an exquisite set…card and tag. So much to take in and since your Mum is a seamstress she can appreciate all the little details and the time it took you to lovingly create this wonderful work of art for her birthday.

    My mother is a seamstress as well and made all our clothes and doll clothes. And, I still remember the year she made full length grey church coats for us with pink satin lining. She’s 87 and still sewing…only now it is “crafts.”

    Thanks so much for these pictures of your wonderful birthday gift of love.


  7. Theresa these are so beautiful! You are such a crafter. Wonderful work. I am sure your mi other would appreciate all the effort you took and loved that you would do that for her.

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