Let Me Reintroduce Myself (and send out an invite)

Oh, you didn’t forget who I was? Phew! But can you believe it’s been nearly five weeks since I last posted? That’s a long time away from blogland, yet a short time in my real life. I’m ready to jump back into my blog again for 2012, and I hope you join me as I share with you my crafting endeavours.

 During my hiatus I turned my attention to making my dwelling a homey place to live in. Something I neglected to do this past year. And to that end I’ve been doing a lot of re-organizing things all over the house and the craft room. I have to say being organized is not my strong point, but I’m working on creating new habits in that area of my life. Seeing that clear table gives me incentive to keep working on my ‘Get Organized’ goal.

So, have I still been crafting away, I hear you ask. You betcha!! I could not imagine not having something in my hands and creating a new thing. I’ve got a bunch of stuff up my sleeve to show you, if you want to come along with me. I started to broaden my horizons beyond just stamping and making cards last year, and I’ll be taking that a bit further this year. Don’t worry, I’ll still have lots to share, stamping/card making wise, but I’ve also got some fun ideas to share with you, including some of  my craftroom solutions for my ‘Get Organized’ mission.

For example, I’ll be showing how I crafted this chest of drawers into an altered  piece of furniture to store some of my supplies.

Would you be interested to see how I used these to create a handy stamp catalogue of my rubber stamp collection?

But first up I’ll be showing you the card I’ll be making for my mother. (No I haven’t made it yet) It’s her birthday this Sunday, so I’ll show it to you then.  That’s my mum preparing veggies for our Christmas lunch. Did I mention I had a great Christmas with my family? Not even they expected the Christmas transformation that came over my house. LOL. They said it got them right into the Christmas mood. And they loved the turkey I cooked up for them. Very happy.

Another past time I’ve rekindled during my break is treasure hunting thru secondhand shops. I found this little treasure and paid less than I would usually spend on one Stampin’ Up order! And I’ve added to my collection of doileys and vintage suitcases at bargain prices.  The day I bought this sewing machine was also my daughters 18th birthday. My work was cancelled for the day, so we spent the day scouring the local op-shops. She said she had a fun birthday, just hanging with her mum, shopping together. We definitely have to make some more dates to do the same again. Did anyone notice that bowling-ball sized red vase in the top photo? Found that beauty two days before Christmas and it made the perfect center piece for my festive table. Love op-shopping!

I had thoughts of using my down time to educate myself on how to beautify my very ordinary looking blog. That clearly didn’t eventuate and my poor readers are still left with a rather bland blog to look at. I’m sorry! Kudos to those who overlook this faux pas and keep coming back to read my posts. You deserve a medal, lol. If someone has any suggestions as to how I can get an un-nerdy education of WordPress, please let me know. Just don’t suggest Blogger, lol.

So what about the invite? The invite is to any of my local (to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) readers who may be interested in coming to a Stampin’ Up workshop, put on by the awesomely talented Kirsty Brown. I want to create more social opportunities and since I’m into stamping, thought this was a good way to achieve that. And since my motivation is social, I’ve decided to offer as door prizes any hostess benefits achieved thru the workshop. Any Brookfield Stamp Campers want to re-connect? Come on down! Blog readers? Don’t be shy. The details. Sunday 12 Feb, 10am , Crestmead area, RSVP 8 Feb 2012, limited to 10 participants. What to bring? Your amazing good selves, with double-sided tape and paper snips. Leave a message in the comments if you are interested and I’ll get back in contact with you, or if you know Evie Poole, you can contact her for my phone number. Or send me (Misstreez) a PM if you’re a member of Splitcoast Stampers.

That wraps it up for today. Feel free to drop in a comment to say hi, then I’ll know I’m not talking to myself, lol. Until Sunday, have a fun creating something new.

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4 thoughts on “Let Me Reintroduce Myself (and send out an invite)

  1. Happy New Year Theresa! Good to hear what you’ve been up to, and I thoroughly enjoyed the pic of your mum. You sound happy and rested and enjoying life …. God is faithful! Looking forward to seeing more about your crafting endeavors! I’ve been doing an art journal calendar, and enjoying every minute of it. Have a great day!

  2. Beverly

    Theresa, so good to hear from you again. Loved your bright red poinsettia in your pretty bowl with doilies. From your postings I see that you are not a woman to allow any dust bunnies to grow around you! Your are a woman on the move.

    Can’t wait to see all the fruit of your recent labors. And, let me post here right now…Waaaaaaah, I want to come to your gathering, but I live in OHIO. Not a very fun state at the moment. But, I have chosen to be happy whatever “state” I’m in. That is a quote stolen from Paul in the New Testament. 🙂

    I just showed my daughter some of your beautiful creations yesterday on SCS. Funny that you should be showing up today as you did.

    Take care…big hugs from the Buckeye State.

  3. Katrina

    Very clever post. Keep everyone in suspense. I enjoy ready your posts and admire what you do.

  4. Wish I was in Queensland! I’d be there like a shot. Hope it all goes well for you and your friend. I have just purchased a white flat pack 2 drawer base cupboard and a one door base cupboard to start to tame the mess that has grown all over the day bed in my craft space. I am starting to paint as well as papercraft and my supplies have just grown out of control for painting and add to the stuff I have kept to recycle! Boxes and bags and junk too good to throw away…..you know what I am talking about. One day I will do something with this…….hopefully the cupboards will hide the mess behind their doors!

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