12 Tags of Christmas 2011 – Tag Twelve

Tim’s last tag of the series showcased a number of products, including how to use his printed tissue paper to make backgrounds and flowers. This tag was brimming with good ideas, but unfortunately I was struggling to turn some of those ideas into something pleasing with stuff I had at my disposal. I found a paper napkin with music print on it, to use for my background – that turned into a mess. I found a small angel ornament to add to my tag – didn’t like it. I cut out a house shape and painted it – all wrong. I decided I need to take a different approach to this tag, and this is what I came up with.


I loosely translated Tims tag into a sketch, and went from there, making my tag with mostly bits and pieces I already had out in front of me. My background is a spare I had from tag nine.  The stamped woman was rejected for tag eight. The arch window, aka a bird cage, was a left over from another unremembered tag. And by now you’d be familiar with my many varied scraps of lace. 


Lacking tissue paper, I made my tattered flower from lace, organza and prima petals. Lacking adhesive foil, I silver embossed the lacy diecut. And lacking imagination, I couldn’t think what to use for a sentiment. I tried a few different words, but nothing was really working for me, so in the end I left that space blank. If I had some other items at my disposal, I’d probably try adding mistletoe over her head and adding words like ‘Kiss me’. Or maybe a bright shining star overhead. But I was lacking those things as well. LOL. What I’m not lacking is another pretty tag to add to my wall. Wanna see!


Ta da! This was so worth the effort and the messes I made, to create this colourful piece of art work hanging beside my dining room table. I’ll keep it hanging there even after Chritmas has past, until I start working on something else to replace it. Then I’ll archive it to the hallway,LOL.

Thank you to all my visitors and commentors as you followed me thru all my 12 tags. It was great to have you along as I shared my Tim Holtz inspired 12 Tags of Chirstmas. Maybe we can do it all again next year!

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8 thoughts on “12 Tags of Christmas 2011 – Tag Twelve

  1. nancydempsey

    A lot of hard work but worth it in the end. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beverly

    LOL…I knew this day would come…I also knew what would happen. I would feel honor bound to make a choice as to my favorite. You guessed it….I CANNOT DO IT! Each and everyone is an exquisite little treasure. It has been so much fun waiting to see what you would post each. This will make a lovely addition to your hallway, once it gets there.


  3. Every single one of them is a work of art. Love them! Wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite.

  4. You did wonderful!!! All your tags are very beautiful!!!!

  5. Fab tag and your artwork is so beautiful. Anyone would be proud to have that hanging on the wall. Congratulations on completing the 12 tags! I couldn’t give mine away either and plan to tie them all to a length of tinsel for a decoration 🙂 Maddy x

  6. Thank you for sharing all of these gorgeous tags! I’ve had lots of fun following each tag. From what you described, it sounds like a lot of work but well worth the effort. You’ve created a beautiful work of art to enjoy for years to come. Thanks again for all the inspiration!!! ~Sophia

  7. Gorgeous, all of these are beautifully done! Hope you are having a wonderful New Year so far!

  8. Love your renditions; I, too, would not be able to copy Tim’s Tags nor would I want to. I love how you put your own spin to this. Next year, I plan to play along and will put my own spin on it, too. Sharing your 12 tags on Pinterest. Thanks! ♥ x0x Peach

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