12 Tags of Christmas 2011 – Tag Seven

Tim focused on showing us how versatile glassine paper was, and used it on Tag Seven.


I don’t have glassine paper so I substituted vellum to get the translucent look to my greenery. But of all the things I dislike about this tag, it’s the greenery ( die cut with Spellbinders). Maybe I’ll be able to fix the ‘problem’ when I finally understand what the issue is. I don’t think the bling helped, lol. Moving on, I wanted colour in this tag, which was added using distress stains and white picket fence on my craft sheet and swiping the tag thru the puddles. I just love the white picket fence for giving a soft chalky look to the inks.I also used the white picket fence stain to stamp my words onto the back ground for a barely-there faded look.


I liked the angel stamp that Tim used on his alternate tag this day, and I wanted to stamp something similar into my background too.  I re-found this old gem. It’s a photo stamp of a cherubic looking child from Oxford Impressions ( La Bella Vita). I wasn’t sure how such a detailed stamp would stamp over the top of the inks with picket fence mixed it.  I was ready to embrace any imperfections, threw precaution to the wind and just went for it. Ink. ink. ink, stamp! Voila! It reminds me of an image transfer that has become part of the background. I think the picket fence addition to my colour mix might have something to do with the way the ink doesn’t layer, like you’d expect with using just regular colours, but instead sinks into the paper.


I recreated the banner idea from the first tag to use on this tag. The stamp (Crafty Individuals) is a quote, and I must confess, with the tiny font I could barely read it!  But thanks to Google I was able to find out what it says.

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories

 and love of kindred, and we are better through

out the year for having, in spirit, become a

child again at Christmas time.”

A lovely quote to go with my little angle, don’t you think. I’ll be writing that onto the back of my tag for future reference. (Since making this tag several days ago, I’ve been to the optometrist and will be getting my first pair of prescription glasses. I can no longer go on in denial that I’m getting OLD and have vision and hearing impairment issues. LOL)


And this is the wall after day seven. In real time there is only one more tag to do, since we are already up to day 12. I deliberately started blogging about my tags late, just in case work went into overtime and taking up all my daylight opportunities to take photographs. Looks like I had nothing to worry about on that score afterall. I’ll be adding a new post daily until the tag wall is full. Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “12 Tags of Christmas 2011 – Tag Seven

  1. I just love this tag,loved the way the photo turned out in the end,
    well done Mistreez,just love all your laces. Merry Xmas.

  2. Beverly

    Funny that you don’t like the greenery and I LOVE it. But, you know what you had in your head for a finished product. To me…it’s lovely.
    Truly a beautiful tag. I, too, like the way your stamped image came turned out. The entire piece is a little work of art.


  3. Beautiful tag!!! I love the angel and the delicate lace! I think the leaves came out great especially with the added bling. It all goes together very nicely!!! ~Sophia

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