12 Tags of Christmas 2011 – Tag Six

Tim’s tag for day four, was made with tin foil and paint, to give of look of a vintage, worn decorative tin, the kind you usually see filled with biscuits and lollies at this time of year. You can see Tim Holtz’s tag HERE.


Here is what my finished tag ended up looking like. I don’t have tin foil for crafting and I was stumped as to how to use Tims idea for my tag. I looked around my craft room for something to use. I even looked thru my rubbish as I remembered I had a lemonade can in there – I’ve seen others use these cans for crafting – but I couldn’t find it. I even thought of opening a fresh can and empyting the contents ( I rarely drink the stuff but I have them in my fridge for the kids and guests), but thought better of that, lol. So after much thought I went with the Faux metal technique.


But I didn’t just stop at the faux metal technique. Oh no – I had to play around with this for a couple for hours, experimenting with ‘What if…?” . What if….. after I made my impression into the silver embossing powder, I then restamped the impression with versamark, added a red embossing powder, then heat set to embed the words into the silver. Hmmm … not too bad.

And what if I wanted to give this an aged/distressed look?  How would I do that with a resist like embossing powder? What if…..I splattered some shimmer stains (Lindy’s Stamp Gang – Moonshadow Bronze) over the embossing, and very carefully melted the spots into the embossing. OH WOW! I’ve actually created the look of pitted rust marks into the faux metal! So glad I fooled around with making this, coz I think that’s kinda cool.


Now I had my ‘metal’ plaque  finished I set about making it part of my tag. I kept to the metalic look through out. The background was spritzed with Black Orchid and splattered with Moonshadow Bronze ( both by Lindy’s Stamp Gang) and the pionsettias where embossed with the same glitter Red embossing powder as the faux metal plaque. I raided my button jar and altered some brads for added embellishment. As far as tags go, this is not the best looking of the bunch, but it was the most experimental, and that makes this tag a fun tag for me.


And lastly – the wall!

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2 thoughts on “12 Tags of Christmas 2011 – Tag Six

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment! Wow! LOVE your faux metal and the rust spots! So amazing! gorgeous colours too! hugs, Jane x

  2. This came out great!!! The silver metal is fantastic! You did a wonderful job with this!! All the best ~Sophia

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