Blogging Issues


I’m having issues with writing/editing my post for today.  Behind the scenes I’ve had my text doing what it shouldn’t and the uploading of images has gone strange. But I perservered with it only to have my work disappear. I’m sitting here with a long face and feeling rather glum about it.

Not my weekend. Got some worrisome news on Friday, about the continuation of working on the job site I’ve been on for the past eight months. Seems the big wigs back in the city have overlooked some important paperwork, specifically pertaining to my job. As we say in Australia, we feel we’ve been ‘hit for a six’. I’ve been working with a great crew, and the foreman has spent months selecting his team. He has said he’ll use all his persuasion to keep us with him, but I fear it maybe out of his hands and way over his head. In the meantime we’re just trying to stay positive. You just never know – it may create an opportunity for something better. We’re told we’re good til Christmas at least.

I’ll try posting and uploading again tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Issues

  1. sarina

    Have a nice sunday,


  2. Mary Fenton

    Hi T…Happy New Year from Down south of the borders!!!. Have looked at your fabulous artisitic work pieces on your site and it would be very hard for me to single out one that would be afav. Your cards were well rec down here. Lovely to meet up with you in Sept.
    Been veery hot here. But hey it is Summer.
    Have been making inroads into aspme Friendship books during the extreme heat of the days.
    Your worked has inspired me to be more crative. Have so much “STUFF” and forget how to use or bother to use.
    Take Care…chow Mary

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