Hope You Can Cling To – Week Four All Done!

Hello dear readers. Are you still with me for the final installment of the Hope Challenge cards I made, for the month long card drive over at Splitcoast Stampers?


I’d had all the cards completed last week, but as you’re probably aware from recent postings, I’ve been almost manic in the craft room. My time had suddenly become very limited with my work commitments earlier in the month, but I’d given myself several tasks, crafting wise, that need to be completed. One of those self imposed tasks was of course the Hope Challenges. And if some of my commentors thought I was being a powerhouse of creativity with getting all the cards made for this, then you’ll be blown away if I were to tell you that in the past couple of weeks I’ve also been working on not one, not two or three, but four other crafty projects. And then there was the sympathy card thrown in for good measure. Seriously! I must be mad or something, LOL. Come Sunday, last week,  I was just plum tuckered out. Hence, no post last Sunday. Anyways, all my craftiness is up to date. At least for another couple of days. Got a 50th and 21st coming up for next weekend. So lets get into todays offering.

Thank You – this is the first card for this week, and as you may guess from the title we needed to make a thank you card. I had this card in my head for several days before I came to make it. The making of it however, failed to meet what I was seeing in my head, LOL. Just not WOWing me at all, as a creator. Stamps are by Stampin’Up!

Pink Christmas – This was a very easy card to make. Just a wee bit of fussing with the setting up the panel on the card for the stamping part. Just in case you’re not sure how this was done, first I center my main panel onto the base with repositional adhesive. Then I stamped with versamark the snowflakes, so some of them went off the panel onto the base. Lift the main panel off the base and apply embossing powder to all versamarked stamping, and heat set. Now this is were the mat layer comes in. Not only does it frame the main panel, it also covers up the space where the stamp couldn’t make contact with the paper as it stamped over two layers of paper. A very simple, but eyecatching effect. I’ll make this my Christmas card for this year I think . Stamps are by Stampin’Up!

Sentiments – I used this encouraging quote from Unity Stamp Co, for my focus on this card. I was looking to do a die cut card this time around. It seemed an easy option at the time, but I ended up recutting several shapes til I was happy with the final look. A happy discovery was to find the two doiley cuts (Die-namics) and the scalloped label ( spellbinder) worked beautifully together when layered like this.  The backgrounds where stamped with my oft used Cover-a-card stamps by Impression Obsession.

Frilly paper ribbons – I didn’t quite get the frilly part happening, but the paper ribbon part I got right. Two out of three ain’t bad, as the song goes. To be fair, we were told we could fashion any sort of ribbon from paper, frilly or otherwise. I thought this scrap of striped paper would be perfect for striped ribbon. As you know I’m not a ribbon girl, so I think it’s fair to assume that my ribbon feature was going to have a very simple look. Another great quote stamp from Unity Stamp Co.

Costume Party –  Now here was an interesting challenge. Make a card, but not in your usual style. I gave myself a couple of days to think over this one. Now folks it would have been too easy, and obvious, to choose to pick ribbons (lol) and buttons and brads and other bibs and bobs to embellish this card, since thats not myusual style. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. LOL. I went for something less obvious to the naked eye. You can’t tell from the photo but this is in fact what we cardmakers would call an ‘Fancy Fold’ card. And this fancy fold is called the ‘Joy Fold Card’. The careful observer would have noticed that nearly all of my cards are the simple fold retangle. What you would not have been able to notice, is all my retangle cards are cut to a length of 14.5 cm, not your usual A5. I like the simplicity of working in half centimeters. This card however was cut in imperial measures. And if you thought that was no biggie, I was scratching around in the dark shed looking for my cutter that would let me cut imperial. LOL. And another ‘unusal’ for me is that I followed these instructions to the letter (or measure) to make this card. No improvising. And one last feature is the layers, and layers, and layers of paper in this wee little card. How many you ask? If you were to put your finger on the descending loop of the Y, you’d be right on the spot where there are 13 paper/cardstock layers. Yes sirree, this is one overly layered card, LOL.

I finally got the cards packaged and sent off in the mail this week. Unfortunately the postage costs from here to the US are very high. Any parcel over 500g attacks an extra $10 surcharge ( imposed by the US security mob) on top of  the weight price of the parcel. So I fill my little box up with as many cards as I can, but under the 500g weight. Lucky I make most of mine simple so I get more cards in. I was able to get 23 cards in my box for $17.50 postage, to send to the cancer center. I’m working on getting a cancer care center here in Australia to adopt a similar program for thier patients, and I’ll give the remainder of my cards to them.

Since I’ve caught up with my backlog of crafting project, I’ll have a lot of stuff to show you over the coming weeks. Next week I’ll have something very special to blog about. I’ve got an important event on tomorrow and I can’t wait to show you.

See you soon. And happy crafting.

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