Hope You Can Cling To – Week Three

Another week of Hope Challenges complete. This was my first week working on a new construction job and it has turned out to be a much bigger job than I imagined. Not only were the hours long ( 61 hours this week!) but the work was itself was quite taxing. I was exhausted most nights. And it’ll be much of the same for the next six weeks. I feel like I performed a minor miracle getting the cards made this week. Most of them were made this morning. Since I go to bed so early I also get up very early, so I was at my craft table at 4.30am this morning working on them.

Serendipity – This challenge wasup early in the week and I tried a couple of times to make a collage of random stamping for my inchies, but all I could come up with was a mess. This morning as I was looking thru my reject pile of stampings I finally found something that worked. It was a scrap made with three layers of background stamping, so I added some more stamping and embossing, and I truely had my piece of serendipitous paper for my inchies.

P.I.N.K.  – P is for pearls, I is for Impression Obsession ( background stamping which I’d made earlier in the week), N is for Nestability, and K is for K&Co (paper used to make the roses).

Pink Ribbon – Since I had the lace out from the previous card, I fished thru it and found this lovely ribbon eyelet piece so I set about using it for this card. And I also had my premade roses in front of me so it seemed an obvious choise to use one of them too. I stamped the background with my Impression Obsession Splatter stamp, using Baja Breeze ink over the same coloured paper.

Paint – Oh dear! This needs work or something. It took me nearly an hour to make, and since my time was at a premium I just felt I had to just let it go. It met the challenge requirements so I called it done and moved on. I started off with watercolour paper and painted the image and background with Twinkling H2O’s. Some parts where on the verge of muddying up the colours so I just had to stop. I thought some collage over stamping might help. Than I thought it might help if I just stop thinking LOL.

Purple  – As I was dozing off last night I had the idea to use this stamp set for the colour puple challenge. I even got up out of bed to test the idea, lol, but only made another mess, so back to bed I went. So when I woke up wonderfully rested, this was the card I started on at 4.30 am. Even before I had my first cup of coffee. This is one of my favourite cards for this week, but the photo makes the card look rather dull on my screen, compared to the card beside me on the desk. In amongst the blossoms I added some random dots of purple glitter. Very pretty.

Squeeze – We were required to make a card with dry embossing. Too easy, or so you’d think since I use dry embossing often enough without the asking. During the week when I first started to think about this challenge I just drew a blank. Clueless,LOL. This morning I saw the Martha Stewart flowers I’d wanted to use up this month so I put them to work here. Added into the mix some precut diecuts, and I was done.

Treat Yourself  This is my other favourite this week. Now the challenge was about treating yourself to something pleasurable to eat. A quick glance thru my stamp collection revealed a distinct lack of foodie things. Then I remember this image, buried beneath the mess on my table that I’d seen when I was looking for something else. I’d asked someone if I could stamp off this image when I was at Stamp Camp earlier this year, because I just wanted to see what it’d look like coloured with PanPastels. I coloured it in and then just tossed it aside after I’d done my little experiment. The challenge hostess suggested we make our treats pink, but my pear was coloured green. But PanPastels, being the really cool medium that they are, they are excellent for layering of colour. So I just layered some magenta right over the top and turned my green pear to pink!

Big and Small  Regular blog readers will recognize this card front from an earlier post. I was making 8 of these cards for a swap, but during the making I lost one of my images amonst the ever growning mess on my desk. You know how it is. It’s right there in front of you all along but you just can’t see it. So the found card front was recommissioned for this card challenge, which was to used two sizes of the same geometric shape. I cut my image off center to create the big and small retangle panels.

So there you have the round up for this week. I feel like I’ve been extra challenged this week with my time restaints. I’m not sure if I could pull this off two weeks in a row, so I’ve given myself permission to not get all the challenges done for this year. I know I’m under no obligation to do any crafting what so ever, but I set myself  goals and I like to achieve them. At this stage of the game I’m best not giving myself extra things to stress about. I’m very happy to have got this weeks cards done. I hope you all have a happy week and I’ll be back next weekend with something to share from my crafting desk.

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7 thoughts on “Hope You Can Cling To – Week Three

  1. Dotty

    You have such a wonderful way with colours!!! I love the “paint”, “purple” and “big and small” ones the most, but they are all beautiful. Those flowers are great too.
    Up at 4:30 on a Sunday? That is some serious card-making commitment, good on you 🙂

  2. Deb Cragan

    I’m surprised you have any time left over to create cards. You have done a wonderful job with these cards. The only people who will miss the full contract of cards are your fans. You are so good, I’m glad you are making mistakes sometimes. it makes the rest of us feel not so under the pump to be perfect. I love what you do, and you are such an inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  3. Another great week of cardmaking for you, all excellent, all with wonderful colours and some of your brilliant roses. Theresa, I love your cards, such an inspiration to me, thanks for sharing your work.

  4. Love your work. Do you have a tutorial on your roses that you would share. I’ve gotten into making paper flowers and these are the best roses I’ve seen.
    Vickie Foriest

  5. I come from Splitcoaster to here… WOW, just WOW. all your cards are wonderful, they all have such a personal “cachet”, I forgot to say how beautiful your green lace is. and those hand mande roses are FABULOUS. You do have such a way with colors. you make them vibrate, and they just “speak”. You have an extraordinary talent! I will be back…
    Have anice day.

  6. All beautiful cards! Love the range of colors! The pear is my favorite. I’ve never used pan pastels and will have to give them a try. ~Sophia

  7. Another triumph! These are all beautiful and so different each and every one – and yes, I know how you lose things on the desk! Keep smiling and I am sure that the job will get better and you will be able to dedicate some more time to your creations.

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