Two Art Journal Pages

I did a blog post several weeks ago showing the beginnings of a Art Journal I was working on. I got a large sheet of paper, applied colour in a variety of mediums, and then cut it down into a size suitable for my journal pages. I’ve had a couple of pages completed for a while now, and today is a good time to show you how they turned out. What I like about Art Journalling to the freedom to experiment and it never turning out wrong. Mistakes, for want of a better word, are embraced, sometimes even enhanced or just plain excepted. I learn as I go along. I’m not very good at the journalling part though, but I like to add quotes to my pages.

This was my first page I completed. I’d made some silk paper and I wanted to use it for this page. I free hand cut some shapes and arranged them to resemble a blossoming flower. I think there are about four layers of art work going on here, and a miriade of embellishment techniques.

There were so many things that didn’t go as expected on this first page. My white painted frame borders were covered up with the black stripe washi tape. Happy accident. My markers bled on my silk paper. Happy accident. I learnt how my new Fabercastell Pitt markers blend together. PanPastels do not stick to Modpodge to well, but it sticks to spray sealer real good.

I love using left over rub-ons in random ways. I used an assortment of patterns to embellish my frame. The texture in the paper is a paper napkin that got wrinkled up as I applied it with Modpodge. My words didn’t all fit in the frame, but that okay because I think I like it better that way.

This second page was made with die cut flowers and alpha letters. I recently purchased a pad of fabriano paper for real cheap, so I experimented with it to make the flowers. I’ll need to play around with the paper a bit more to see what it’s really capable of, but these I dipped into a stain ‘bath’ to give them a bit of colour. The paper resembles coffee filters.

I pulled out some long neglected craft supplies, including some lace and dyes, and hand coloured a strip of lace for the flower backs. I painted the leaves and stems with a medium I was completely unfamiliar with. For several moments I thought I’d made a complete mess with the paint, but I was able to salvage it with some white gel pen and white rub-ons. Then I thought I ruined it again when I put the letters on with modpodge. It reactivated the green paint and was starting to run again. Of course, just to look at the page you’d never guess, but when I look at it I remember what I learned from that page. It’s all good!

I feel pleased with they way thay turned out. I could never of planned to go from a plain white page to something like this. I just add colour as I feel like it and see where it leads. So far these two pages have been a happy journey. Playing with art supplies is fun, fun, fun.

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6 thoughts on “Two Art Journal Pages

  1. Deb Cragan

    As usual brilliant. I so love your work and inspiration. Thankyou….. You are such a breath of fresh air in my holocaustic crafting week. LOL. Deb C

  2. I LOVE how you describe the processes of trial and error, and I LOVE how your journaling pages turned out! I have found the same freeing feelings when trying new mediums, etc. and learning from happy accidents. Art journaling opens a whole new world of possibilities for art play! Your pages are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more!

  3. I agree with Kay – and your pages are fantastic. I have joined an art class and must concentrate on that for now, but I will be playing around like this when the 10 weeks are up – it looks so much like fun!

  4. Whoa! Girlfriend….these are amazing! Love your style….what inspiration. Still catching my breath from my trip, but hope to whip out the other lessons that I’ve missed before it expires. I’ll have to concentrate on taking good notes. Glad I can come here for inspiration too! These are gorgeous!

  5. OMGOSH! you ARE amaZING! very pretty!

  6. Inspiring. I should start one. I love to write, and I love to paint. This looks like a lovely marriage of the two.

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