My Cuttlebug Woes

This week I was working on a birthday card, with plans to blog about it today. But yesterday when I went to finish my card, I found to my dismay that I’m missing my all important ‘A’ plate for my Cuttlebug, and I can’t diecut the decorative bits I wanted to embellish the card with. And I’ve near exhausted myself trying to find where I might have put the silly thing. I had it at Stamp Camp and I can remember making sure I packed it when I left. But it’s not anywhere to be found now.

My poor little secondhand Cuttlebug got put thru it’s paces whilst in my pocession. I broke a couple of plates, and wore out some. I always made sure I had spare ‘B’ plates since I went thru them the most. But my Cuttlebug was getting tired and not cutting as well as it could, or once did. I thought I’d purchased some dodgy dies, only to find that they cut quite fine in everyones machine, but mine.

So I decided to lay-by a new one. Except now I find I either got to buy a new ‘A’ plate for the tired, old one, while I wait for the new one to get paid off, OR I take a credit note for the layby and go and just buy a new one outright tomorrow. I’m not going anywhere near the layby shop for weeks (it’s in the city), whereas tomorrow I’ll be working near an alternate shop that sells Cuttlebugs. Besides, I’m getting some new dies in the post tomorrow and I so want to be able to make some cuts with them. Who wouldn’t? Who could wait a week for a new plate to turn up in the post, or a couple of months for a new machine to get paid off, while the new dies where just sitting idle, mocking you? LOL

So what I was wondering people, when did I/we/you get so dependant on diecuts for our card making? I don’t use them all the time, but when I feel I need to use them, I want to be able to use them. At call. At will. How long could you go without a die cutting machine at your disposal?

The upshot of all that is I don’t have a completed card to show you. But I do have a sneak peek of what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been experimenting with a watercolouring technique, somewhat similar to THIS technique. Above is the application of the first colour. It’s looking very interesting at this stage. In the next couple of days I should have what I need to complete the card. It’s for a very feminine lady, so I need to make this one a little special, with prettily cut embellishments. I can’t make any promises, but I’m aiming for a special midweek posting for this card. Otherwise I’ll be back for my usual Sunday posting next week. Either way, stay tuned!!

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