September Ramblings

As the title suggests, I’m just going to post about an assortment of things. Something crafty and something me. And I’ve thrown in a few photos for good measure. And it is a long rambling post, believe me. Feel free to hang around, if you’ve got the time, LOL.

I was looking at the Pinterest boards one day when I saw a bare lamp frame with lots of tags and hanging things dangling from strings. It really appealled to me and I filed the idea away in my memory bank.

Last week I was looking thru my recent Stamp camp swaps, admiring all the different stamping and papercrafting ideas. But rifling thru the swaps in my swap bag isn’t as inspiring as seeing them out in the open. So I set about to making a hanging display, not unlike the idea I had committed to memory. I purchased a cheap metal hanging basket ($7) and hung it up with the bowl upside down. Now it looks more like a lamp shade!  Then I punched holes in my swaps so I could hang them from lengths of twine. I love it! Now I have a very colourful piece of decor in the corner of my dining room, which is where I craft. To anyone else it probably looks like a jumbled mess, and they are probably right, but I find it a fun and crafty display. Thanks Stamp Campers for the memories.

Not all my swaps could be hung from the planter. One I put on display in the corner of this altered picture frame. It’s a little square canvas with the flower. The altered picture frame, while not a swap, is in fact a wonderful gift from my dearest stamping buddy, Evie. She mades these most wonderful altered mixed media objects, and I was thrilled beyond all to get something so beautiful. She even made the little birds nest with tiny eggs, in the bottom right corner. It sits in amongst an eclectic mix of memorabilia and handcrafted-by-me objects. I wasn’t always a paper crafter you know!

Since I was going to Stamp Camp and meeting lots of new stampers I thought it would be a good idea to make some ‘calling tags’. Some of the swaps I made were featured on this blog and I provided a link along with the card description, should the swapper like to read more about the card. That led to an idea to make a tag with my blog address for everyone. A lot of my real life stamping buddies aren’t into blogs like us bloggers, but they do accassionally ask for my address, and it gets written down and then forgot about. These cute little tags are very noticable and are an instant reminder of me (I hope). And of course I had to be an insane stamper and hand stamp the address on every tag (over 50 of them). Which brings me to the box the tags are resting on.

This is my latest and most favourite alphabet stamp set. It come in a cute little self storage wooden box, with a cute little latch and hinges. Cute all round. But the box is divided into three rows and the rows have a bit of extra space so all the stamps do not sit snug in there. That means there is room to pick up the individual blocks with your fingers, stamp, and return it right back where it came from. I want all my alphas stored like this. It is so convenient. My other alpha stamps are in tight packed cases, so I have to tip them all out to use and then I’m forever trying to find the letter I need. Or they are double mounted. Grrrr. So do any of my readers have a crafty, wood working husband, brother or somebody?  😀


So thats it for the crafting, now something a bit more mundane. Me. LOL. This morning I went to church. That was nice since I hadn’t been for a while. Today it was ‘Harvest Offering’. Of course we didn’t know about this until late yesterday, so we got up extra early, drove all the way into town to the produce shed at the farm where my boyfriend works, secured three boxes of fresh vegetables, and drove all the way back into the valley to attend service. I have to say there was something real country-special about bringing fresh produce to lay at the alter. I wished I taken the camera to get a pic.

Later, back at the boyfriends farm, it was time to go and assess some fencing work. The farm, which runs cattle, has a lot of scrub on it and I love bush walking. But I haven’t done any in many, many, many months. And the gullies are deep and the ridges are high. The rocks in the pic about are all piled up high against the fence from the January floods. Bryan’s trying to figure out how to get a bull dozer in. I’m breathing real heavy. My legs were screaming going up the gullies and are like jelly coming down, LOL. I felt like I was in The Biggest Loser, knowing that to complain about my discomfort was not going to garner any sympathy. Despite that, I really do love bush walking above all other exercise. I must do some more before it gets too hot.

At another gully at bit of chain saw work was required to remove a tree resting on the fence. The lads got into it and started to move the logs and rocks around. This activity unearthed some interesting creatures. First we had the hugest spider, of a kind I’ve never seen before.

Then we had the Black Scorpians. I’ve never seen one of these before, either! This one was about 1″ long and huddled up. The next one we saw was 2″+ long. The lads commented that they’d not seen scorpians in a long time and never this big. I was facsinated. I love seeing the wild life. I think the only creature that would really spook me out here would be a wild pig or a wild dingo/dog.

Well thats about it from me today.Thanks for sitting thru thru my ramblings. Hopefully it was a little bit interesting for you. Before I sign off I’ll leave you with one last pic. This was taken back in June, by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. They needed a photo for their display at this year Brisbane Ekka, and this is what they used.

Yours truely. In life size!!! *shock*

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3 thoughts on “September Ramblings

  1. Hi! I enjoyed this post! Your scrappy ideas (loved the calling card/tags) and your jaunt on the farm, all the way to your work picture! I have enjoyed your email, and will reply soon! It makes me happy to have a friend like you!

  2. I am so glad you didn’t photograph the spider – the scorpion is bad enough! Great photo of you by the way! I do love your handing thingy, and will be contemplating something similar in future I feel. I already have something hanging around, like the samples of my embossing plates and the samples from the dies so I know what I have – might just have to move them into a folder soon though – got too many now to fit onto the ring. I have really just about run out of room unless I can talk the hubby into getting rid of the bed in the downstairs place that is known as my work space!

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