DIY Patterned Paper With Stamp and PanPastels.

Today I’m sharing a card using patterened paper that I made with a rubber stamp and PanPastels . I’ve only just discovered PanPastels, and I’d describe them using them as ‘painting’ with pastels. They are super soft and smooth, easy to pick up with the supplied applicator, easy to lay down on your paper and they blend beautifully for very pleasing results. I’ll be using them today with the ‘popping pastels’ stamping technique.

First you’ll need to choose a background stamp and cover the image with versamark. The stamp I used is Cover-A-Card Rose Lace by Impression Obession.

I used a brayer to get a good impression of the Versamark onto my car stock, which was trimmed to 14cm x14cm for a close fit. Now comes the fun part, applying the PanPastels to the clear stamped image to make it ‘pop’.

You can see from the photo above that I used four closely related colours to make my ‘green’ paper. Using the supplied applicator, I picked up the various colours and wiped the pigment over the top of the stamping. Because PanPastels blend so easily I was able to get variations of light and dark, which made the stamped background more interesting. The PanPastels hold well to the paper but I recommend a quick spray with a sealer for extra staying power.

I repeated this technique to make several papers in different colours, with a pink/yellow and blue/grey combination.

Various elements where either die cut or punched out of the newly created pattered papers. I was making more swaps for the stamp camp, so once again I was in production mode, making multiples of everything.

I wanted a very simple design for this card because I wanted the colours of the stamped paper to leap right off the card. Yesterday, I took the finished cards to show my cardmakers group, and when I explained to them that I had made the paper with stamping, they were quite disbelieving, lol. I am going to a stamp camp and the swaps are expected to include stamping on the swap. I hope whoever gets these doesn’t think they been jipped on the stamping part of the deal. You all saw the stamping, right?

Next weekend will be my first Stamp Camp I’ve attended. I’ve got all my swaps done, so now I can concentrate on the packing. I’ve been asked to do a demo on making my brand of paper roses with the Spellbinder dies. I’ve been very busy cutting out lots of petal shapes as I can see I’ll be needing to make a few roses. The theme for the Saturday night dress up is ‘Something about the letter H’. I was a bit stumped on this until a couple of days ago when I saw my inspiration right before my eyes all along. For now it’ll have to remain top secret, but I can tell you I WILL be noticed, lol.  All will be revealed after the camp is over.

See you all back here soon.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Patterned Paper With Stamp and PanPastels.

  1. Gloria

    I really do appreciate receiving your blog posts in my email. Happy times when you can make your own pattern paper. TFS

  2. Love your technique. A great excuse to get my old background stamps out and use them in a different way. I have a lovely selection of Pan Pastels yet to be used, so you have inspired me to get them out finally.

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