And Then She Started Painting.

I’ve just started an online Art Journalling course, She Had Three Hearts Workshop. Art journalling is a wonderful mix of multimedia collage art, combined with creative journaling, to make a peice of art work that is part book, part album, part journal, and all about you!

I’ve spent tthe best part of all my spare time watching the class content for the first week, which focused mostly on applying colour to the pages. I bought a journal for this course, but I have to say that the blank pages in a book are rather intimidating. After watching all the great ideas I was pretty keen to get some colour down onto something. I was itching, LOL.

When I did and art drawing course many years ago, one good excersice I discovered was to work big, bold and quickly.  It sort of gets the blood flowing and loosens up your arms. So I employed that idea for the start of my journal, and went large. I got out a large sheet of Ingres paper, layed it down on the floor in the kitchen and went to town on it. (Note- Ingres is the name of paper used for pastel drawing. I like it because a. I’m familiar with it, b. it was half price, c. it’s got a great texture, d. it’s got a nice wieght)

It felt good to start playing with my paints and pastels, using big brush strokes. Loved to see the colours mix and blend as I covered the surface with gesso. The photo above shows the first layer, made with Rembrandt Pastels and Lyra Watercolour Crayons under the gesso. I also pressed a stencil into the wet gesso, which you can see near the top of the photo.

Then I collage on another layer, using stamps and paints and stencils and plenty more besides. I’ve pulled out paint tubes and other art materials that have not seen the light of day for years and used these to good effect too. Some of my favourite supplies for this collage are from my buried treasure chest. I also worked on both sides of the paper. And I made two of them for good measure.

Above is a snap shot of a work in progress. I would work on this in the morning as I got ready for work, tip toeing around it so I could make my coffee and get to the sink! Then as soon as I got home I was adding something else. I tell you, I could not leave this alone. I was having some collaging fun. Imagine if you will, me in my construction work clothes or dressing gown, on hands and knees, having fun fun fun adding colour to my paper.

And when it was all over this is some of what was created. Little snapshots of gorgeous colour in lots of layers. I love the little bursts of surprises that appeared all over the paper. From memory there is watercolour, PanPastels, shimmer sprays and stencilling in this pic.

And this photo shows watercolouring, stamping with Lumiere paints (something  from the treasure chest), shimmer sprays and alcohol inks. Love the colours, love the textures and love the reflected light of the irridecense. There was so much more applied to the large sheets of paper, too many to mention. But I was needing to make a journal, and there is a method to my madness.

When I had finished playing with applying colour and collaging papers to it, it was time to cut it up into pages for my book. Some of the pages look so good just as they are, so I’ll not do much more work to them. Others are a good for backgrounds and starting points for journaling. Some are just a mishmash, but will make a great background layer for more work on top.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll work on turning some of these pages into finished pieces for my journal. This is just the start. Can you tell I’m having fun? I’m so glad I started this online workshop. It’s just the creative boost I’ve been needing for a long time.

Can’t wait to show you what some of this turns into.

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2 thoughts on “And Then She Started Painting.

  1. Gloria

    I can (emphasis on can) see you are having fun. I can hardly wait for your next piece of art. Mixed media interests me too. Someday I will get into it also. Keep on enjoying.

  2. Oh, how fun! I can just see you down there on the floor being the artist! Good for you. I still need to get my journal…I will this week and TRY to catch up with you!!! Great job…love the colors and textures. Isn’t the gesso interesting?!!!

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