Watercolour Crayon Backgrounds

Since I last posted I’ve been making a big mess experimenting with some of my recent art and craft purchases. I really do need to clean some of it up, as I’ve got a lot of creative committments in front of me. I’ve just enrolled into two new-for me events. One is a Stamp Camp and the other is an online course which I’ll talk more about in another post.

The Stamp Camp requires a swap with all the other attendees. That means I’ll have to make 40 cards (or something stampy) to swap. I’d probably go mad making 40 of the same thing, so I’ve opted to make 10 each of 4 designs. As I was making the first set of cards I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you what I’m doing. And as the title of the post suggests, it making a background using my water soluable crayons.

This is a close up of stamping before I used it one the card. I used two of my new Cover-A-Card stamps from Impression Obession for this background. These are great stamps for layering to create interesting textures and collaging with the images. Love the watercolour effect I got with these stamps and this technique.

I start off with mounting my Cover-A-Card stamp onto the Mega Mount arcylic block, also made by Impression Obession specifically for these extra large stamps (nearly six inches square!). These huge stamps need a big block. These blocks are slightly curved with a handle at the back to make transferring of the image easier. And as the name of the stamp suggests, they are designed to cover the front of a standard size US card or a square card. I should note that they do not cover the front of the standard card size that I use, which is an Australia metric A6. This is not an issue for me since I nearly always layer the front of my card with a slightly smaller panel anyway. After I’ve mounted the stamp onto the block I then slightly mist it with two squirts of water from the Mini Mister.

I then rub the Watercolour Crayons all over the stamp. For this stamp I used four colours, adding blocks of colour following the contours of the image. While I aimed to get most of the stamp covered with colour, it didn’t matter that some small areas of rubber were missed, as it added to the mottled effect I was trying to achieve. I lightly sprayed the rubber with the Mini Mister, about four squirts this time. While I spray I hold the rubber at arms length so only a fine mist falls onto the surface. And then I stamp it onto my cardstock.

After I make the first impression there is still enough crayon/colour on the stamp to do another impression. Just another quick squirt with the Mini Mister and I’m ready to go again. After I’ve done the second impression I then do a quick rub over with the crayons again to reload the colour back onto the stamp for another two impressions. I don’t bother with cleaning in between impression and reloading as it’s unneccisary and adds to the whole mottled efffect I’m after. This is a quick and easy technique for when I need to make repeats.

For the next layer of stamping on my background I used another stamp and used the same technique again. But this time I only wanted just small bits and pieces of the image to show in a random way. For the photo I used a white crayon just to show contrast against the rubber, but you’ll see only small parts of the rubber are coloured and a lot is left blank. For my card though I used a red and brown crayon and repeated what I did with the first layer.

And this is what the background looks like after the stamping. It just adds another interesting dimension to the whole. I chose these two stamps specifically for my card. I wanted my custom made paper to convey movement and music. Also the patterned papers I was using for my card didn’t have a light base colour selection which I wanted, so I needed to make my own.

And here is the finished card. Easy to reproduce in multiples, a little bit shabby and a little bit colourful. The trickiest part for me was doing all those little letters. I hope the ladies like this swap card. I need to come up with another 30 cards in three designs. I’ll keep you posted. Get some watercolour crayons out and give this technique a go – it’s fun!

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7 thoughts on “Watercolour Crayon Backgrounds

  1. Love it and love the background you created with the watercolors/stamp. That blend of colors is so soft….very nice effect. Must remember that…since I have some of the same background stamps. Can’t wait for the class to begin!

  2. Traci Major

    So pretty, I can see how this technique could be used to convey a mood or a feeling, as in song and movement…perfect for the songbird on your card!! I will look forward to seeing future posts, Theresa! Lovely card, the girls will be blessed by it!!

  3. Fabulous and so pretty and soft. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial. Love those big background stamps, they are great for texture.

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  5. Such pretty cards…Love the use of the watercolor crayon background. I must take mine out and try it. I haven’t used them in a bit. Love how soft they look. The bird is just darling with the letters!

  6. Jheri

    Beautiful colors. What brand of WC crayons do you use?

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