Buying back my mojo.

I’ve often said that when the flood waters left this valley they also took my mojo and swept it out to sea. It’s 6 months ago since the flood and I think my mojo has finally returned. Mind you I had to pay the equivilant of a ransom to get it back. lol. You see lately I’ve been on a spending spree, buying and amassing a small arsenal of supplies, hoping all these nice shiny new things would renew my creative fire to make something. And I think it has finally worked. I actually made something just for the pure pleasure and sake of making something these last few days. It feels good too.

One happy outcome from disaster, for me at least,  is that I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of work. For those that don’t know, I work with road crews, and the floods left a lot of roads destroyed and in need of repairing and rebuilding. So all this extra work made for a healthy bank balance so I indulged in some retail therapy, and boosted my crafting stash with some new goodies. There were times during these past few weeks when I questioned my sanity in trying to ‘buy’ back creativity, but I have no doubts now. I had fun shopping, most of it online, and now I’ve regained my interest in my papercrafting.

Todays post is just a little show of some things I recieved in a parcel last week. There are a couple of new-to-me items in the mix, and as I get around to using them I’d like to give a reveiw about them.

I ordered some shiny, shimery goodness from Lindy’s Stamp Gang, including the little pots of mica powder in the photo below. They also have some glimmer sprays/paint/ink called StarBursts and MoonShadows which I wanted to trail, so I bought some of each to try out. I’ll talk more about them when I’ve got something made using the product. Stay tuned because I think I’m going to love using this stuff.


I bought a lot of background stamps from Impression Obsession. These are nearly 6 inches square, and because they are so big Impression Obsession has made their own acrylic mounting block to use with them. I liked the concept of stamping your own designer papers with these so I had to buy them to try them out.


I loved the Prima Marketing Fairy Flora papers when they first come out. I don’t often buy 12×12 papers but I couldn’t pass this collection so I bought a few sheets and used them all up. So when I saw these papers in the 6×6 version, I snapped up a couple of packs. I just love flipping thru the pages and seeing all the pretty colours and designs. And I bought a couple of mask sets. I’ve wanted to buy these since they first come out but I had a difficult time sourcing them. That is until now. I’m certain I’ll use these often. I’ve already imagined all the times I could have used them if I had them, LOL.


Gotta love Distress Inks because they can do what no other can do. I bought some more colours to flesh out my collection and for the first time bought some Tim Holts stamps. When the need has arisen in the past, I’ve looked thru my stamps to find something suitable to create a textured impression, now I’ve got a stamp collection of textures. Much better.

If you were to look closely at the next two photos you’ll see where I’ve used one of the new Tim Holtz stamps. This is a sneak peak into a small project I’ve made using some of my recent purchases.

This is the cover of a mini album I’ve just finished making, using some of my new purchases. I just need to get credit for the original idea before I publish. And before I go I’ll leave you with another sneak peak. I loved making this mini album. So cute and pretty.

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3 thoughts on “Buying back my mojo.

  1. Gloria

    wow! You have been a busy shopper. I love your purchases and I’m jealous. Your mini album is very, very pretty. Can’t wait to see what else you create. Your mojo is back!

  2. Celebrate! Your mojo is back! Loved reading your post and looking forward to seeing what you do with your new goodies!

  3. Yippee Skippy! Your new stash looks FABULOUS and I know you’re gonna have a big fat happy blast with everything. Those plastic templates caught my eye, along with the background stamps. Can’t wait to see the masterpieces that are brewing inside your beautiful mind. Love the mini album too! My girlfriend and I are headed to my sister’s in Atlanta this weekend to take some Donna Downey classes. We’ll prob come home seriously motivated. LOL

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