Organizing My Stampin’Up! Card Stock

My readers will know that I primarily use Stampin’Up! (SU!) card stock for my cardmaking, which I started to use  when I was an SU! demonstrator. So today’s post will be about how I organized my card stock and my scraps, and a little insight into what works for me. First I’ll list why I like their cardstock.

  1. Good quality 218gsm weight.
  2. Colours are designed to coordinate with their dye ink pads which I also have.
  3. Palette is divided into four categories – neutrals, regals, subtles and brights. This simplifies organizing colours into an order that makes sense.
  4. Palette is limited to 40 key colours. Very important for me. I don’t have a natural ability to put colours together, so limiting the choises makes my card making experience so much easier.
  5. Reasonably accessable. I just phone my SU! demo with my order. I’ll usually order several things at one time to save on postage, and I have it delivered to my door.
  6. Economical. It’s not the cheapest, but because I can organize it well, I do get a lot more use out of my SU! card stock than I do with other brands that I had used in the past. I also make most of my cuts at 0.5mm increments, so all my left over scraps are easier to use up.

Nearly 12 months ago SU! did a colour renovation. They deleted some colours, added a couple and rearranged the colour families. I didn’t object to the renovation because I think it keeps the colour palette fresh. It did jumble up things up in my head, as the old order of things was redundant and the new order was strange to me. Becoming familiar with the new colour order was not helped when the SU! catalogue displayed the sequence differently in the front of the book to what was in the back.

I went with the one in the back and found a colour chart online that  matched.  The link for the chart can be found on this blog post. I made two of these – one for my craft room and one for my craft table. This is the one above my desk.

I store my card stock packs in a filing cabinet and the scraps are in file folders next to it. Each colour family has its own file folder. The four folders with the handles are for SU! and the others store odds and ends.

I choose file folders that let me insert a colour swatch into the file tabs. I don’t find it nessecary to write the names of the colours. I’m the only one who uses this stuff and I find a colour swatch pretty self explanitary if it’s in its family group.

This is the subtles folder for my scraps. I’ve pulled out the Pretty In Pink section to show you what is in that section. All those scraps are left over cuts from my other card projects, which as mentioned earlier are all cut at 0.5mm increments. If I want to add a layer to my card I’ll look thru my scraps and I nearly always find a scrap that fits my needs. I don’t put scraps away as I use them and the scrap pile besides my paper trimmer does build up over time. It doesn’t take long to sort the trimmings into groups and put them away into the files.

This  photo shows the inside of my filing cabinet. To help me keep the colours in order I’ve divided the colour groups with a piece of mattboard (I need one more to complete it), labeled with the colour family name. And on the sides of the drawer you’ll see small coloured dots. These were punched from the cardstock and adhered to the drawer with glue dots, in the same order as the colour chart and my file folders. This makes it so much easier to put things back in their place.

When I need to restock, a quick glance into the filing cabinet lets me know what I’m low on. Some colours I just don’t use at all, like the Garden Green. I’ve only ever owned 6 sheets of that colour, and I cut into one of those to make my colour chart above, lol. Other colours I get thru very quickly. I have some old SU! colours in the back of my filing cabinet, such as Purely Pomegranate. I found that colour to be the closest match to  the Queensland sporting colour Maroon, so it was a keeper, lol.

I’m not very good at getting organized, but this is one area that I do manage to keep under control more often than not. I’m using this downturn in creativity time to get some of my other supplies in order, so you may see more of my craft room tips in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Organizing My Stampin’Up! Card Stock

  1. Great organizational scheme, Theresa! I love getting peeks into how someone else organizes. Your method is very similar to mine! I too love that cardstock and it continues to be my primary go-to paper. I am however enjoying the wealth of choices in other company’s patterned papers. Thanks for a peek into your crafting world. Hope your package arrives soon….do share with us!!!

  2. Traci Major

    I think it is brilliant…and I like SU colors also…even though I have tried others. Your file is similiar to mine, but I have each individual color labeled in alphabetical order in my file folders. I may have to rethink this. I have so many colors that I never touch, it is a shame!
    Thanks for sharing your organization…it is very helpful! Blessings to you!

  3. Deb Cragan

    What a great idea for a filing cabinet. I’m going to look at our recycling depot when the the weather clears and make one for myself. The colour files with scraps is also a great idea. At the moment my medium scraps are colour coded into an old accordian fileing unit and that is very handy, but your idea would certainly free up some room in my papercraft room.

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