Sketched With Carnations

I’m a bit tardy with posting about this card I made two weeks ago. I saw the following sketch on the Just Add Ink blog, and I thought it’d make a good launching point for a birthday card that I wanted to make.

Last time I went into Brisbane I bought the Carnation Creations Spellbinder dies, and after trying out a few variations and styles of putting them together, I had a couple of flowers that I was pleased with and would fit into my sketch.

I made this card with a recipient in mind who is having a birthday soon. I tend to make cards just because I like to, but lately I’ve been swinging more to making cards for a purpose, other than my own creative fulfilment. I just don’t have as much time to make cards as I previously did, and maybe my interests are taking a different track.

As I was fiddling around making flowers with these new dies at the shop, the owner suggests a different way to use my paper shaping tool which gave me a result that I liked, which you can see here. I was able to get the tips to lift up without much effort. I used the smaller end of this tool –

– and starting at the center of the flower shape, I drag the tip along each petal to the tip. It a quick and efficient way to curl the paper up. Then using the larger end, I press in a small circular motion the middle of the shape, which pops the petals up even further.

Just like the Rose Creation dies I was using earlier, this set of dies also comes with leaves, which is a definite bonus. I used two different dies from the Fleur de Lis Accent set to make the side trim, using the stencil feature on the dies to add a touch of colour. I also used a sentiment stamp to add interest to the petals.

I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping recently, which has been a lot of fun. In the next couple of weeks I’ll have all my new supplies delivered, and then after I give some of my new things a test run, I hope to have something to show you. I’ll give you a sneak peak at something I’ve ordered called the Mega Mount made by Impression Obsession. I just love the concept and I hope I can master it.

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7 thoughts on “Sketched With Carnations

  1. Traci Major

    This is so lovely, simple, yet with wonderful intricate details! I especially like the added touches of pink you stenciled…great work!!

  2. Stunning! The detail is amazing and I love the punched elements. Beautiful colors…what an elegant card, Theresa!

  3. I have no doubt you will master the “Mega Mount”… as you have already mastered the art of making beautiful flowers! Can I just say wow!? I love the cards you have been making – so very inspiring. Well, as you saw on my blog, I have been testing new creative waters. I love being stretched, and trying new art (and I’m sure getting “messy” in the process!). LOL I wish our porches touched, so we could get messy together! Love & prayers to you, my friend! It’s SO good to hear from you!

  4. WOW – I will say it! Those flowers are just fantastic! So glad to see that you are back creating up a storm!

  5. Gloria Cardoza

    I am enjoying your flower creations so much. Thank you also for the detailed tutorials. Good to see you creating again.

  6. Your card is gorgeous! Love those beautiful flowers!

  7. gorgeous work.

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