Paper Rose Creations Tutorial

 I’ve had a few requests for a tutorial on how I make my flowers, so I’m going to give this a try and present a step by step photo lesson on how I make the paper roses using my new Spellbinders Rose Creations die set. From the outset I’ll have to inform the squimish and very easily offended,  that this was a ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ project, therefore I didn’t give my hand model any time to run off and get a manicure before the pics where taken. LOL.

I would ideally have liked to have tools with a large ball stylus for sculpting and molding my paper layers, but since I don’t own these (yet) I needed to improvise with what I had on hand. You may not have exactly the tools and items I used, but I hope you get inspiration to find something suitable in your craftroom that works for you when it comes to shaping your die cuts.


1. First lets start with the die cuts that I used for the rose I’m doing in this tutorial. In the picture below you can see all of the metal dies in the Spellbinders Rose Creation pack. The three down the left hand side I didn’t use for this rose, and you can see the quanities and sizes of the flower and leaf cuts that I did use.

2. Next I inked the edges of the petals with a sponge to add a bit of visual definition.

3. This is the tool (the long white thingy) I had on hand for shaping my petals. I used the flatish end (left) but I’ve also used a spoon handle which was not too thick  for this next part.

4. Using the thin edge of the tool under the petal and your thumb over the top, pull and curl the paper downwards. You’ll be stretching the paper slightly as you do this and that is what creates a curl in the paper that’ll hold it’s shape. Do this to all petals on all sizes except the smallest .

5. On the smallest, curl the petalsbetween your finger and thumb  around a long narrow tool such as the stylus shown in the picture below. If you don’t have a tool like this than a skewer whould work just as well.

6. Now I have all the petals shaped it’s time to add some shape to the layers. This is where I improvise yet again. Taking one the two largest flowers, I place it upside down on the lid of my Tombow glue bottle, and push down with my fingers and thumbs so it’ll take on the shape of the lid. Repeat with the other flower.

7. For the next sized flower I used the cap of my two-way glue to mold the petals down.

8. For the next two flower shapes I used the ‘butt’ end of my peircer. The end of a pencil or pen would work just as well. Mold the petal well down over the end of the tool so the petals are nearly upright when you take it off the end of the tool. When I do this step one petal usually ends up folded back behind another. That can be a good thing.

9. The tiniest flower gets the same sort of treatment, but over a much smaller ‘mold’. I slipped the end of the ball stylus thru the hole in the die cut and molded it over the end of the tool, as shown in the picture. I’ve also used the pointy end of a pen or pencil to do something similar.

10. Now I’ve created a tiny cup with my smallest flower, I hold it between my thumb and fingers and with my pointy nosed tweezers I curl the sides of the petals in more. I also at this time give the bud a little pinch while it is in this position to stop the petals from unfurling.

11. Now I have all the flower shapes curled and molded it’s time to glue the layers together. I start at the bottom and work my way up to the center. Off set the layers as you go so you end up with petals showing in the between spaces.

12. When I get to the forth layer, I glue the flower down and I find holding the center down with a pencil butt until the glue sets helps at this stage. When the glue has set I then push the petals into a more upright position. I find doing this creates a memory for the paper so it’ll remember to hold it’s new shape better. It’s hard to see in the pictures but as each layer goes on,  the flower will tend to flatten, so I do this to make the flower look fuller.

13. I add in the last three flowers by holding them by the tips as I glue each one down into the centre. For the last I add a generous amount of glue so it sets around the tight bud to keep it in place.

14. Once the glue has set, play around with pushing some of the petals back under to make the bloom look fuller. For the leaves I also curled under the outer edges for more dimension.


Hopefully you may have found some or most of this tutorial useful. Let me know what you think. Constructive feedback would be useful. I’ve got a lot of enjoyment out of making these flowers as it has got me back into the creative groove again. I’m on the look out for other ways flowers are created using this die and have found some great inspiration already just from doing a google search. Of course the Spellbinders Blog is always a great place to start.  Give it a go yourself!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me.

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42 thoughts on “Paper Rose Creations Tutorial

  1. Jan Reddaway

    Your tutorial is great Theresa! I am going to print if off. It’s similar to how I made the flowers with the Marianne Creatables die, but with them I had to cut each petal a lot deeper and they were only the 2 different sizes. Well done.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! GREAT tutorial, Theresa! Love the multi-colored sample you demonstrate here, but the whole lot of them were just gorgeous! YES, I’m serious about buying some! I’ll send you an email.

  3. Gloria Cardoza

    As they say around here, “You did awesome”. Good to see you having fun.

  4. Fab tutorial, the flowers look great. Many thanks for your comment on my blog regarding the Marianne dies. Will have to try that the next time I use them.

  5. Beautiful flower and a fantastic tutorial! TFS your tips and tricks!

  6. Dori Garbutt

    A very clear tutorial. I have been searching for directions to make exactly this style of paper rose. Thank you.

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  8. Barbara Jay

    Great tutorial! And very easy to understand. I must get those dies LOL
    I like the roses in vellum too

    • Barbara Jay

      PS I love the way you used different colors for each layer. It makes it so easy to see how they are layered -Thanks

  9. Wow, these are great. I’ve just found the Rose Creations die, and was looking around to see how easy they would be to use before i get one – your tutorial is fantastic.

  10. I posted a link to this tutorial today.

    Nancy Ward

  11. annette

    Great tutorial. Very easy to follow. The rose is lovely. Can’t wait to receive my die and make some of these. Thank you.

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  13. Mary Fenton

    Just gorgeous..Thank you…chow Mary Fenton in Northern Victoria. Friend of Evies.

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for dropping in to say hello. Hope all is all going well after your recent flooding. I’ll send some ore cards down to you soon. HUGS

  14. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble to make this great tutorial. Sure do appreciate it


  16. Suzy Waldo

    Love the “patchwork” paper – makes for a very pretty and interesting rose. I just got this die and so far my roses are a little flat so I’m going to try your methods – esp the curling of the “bud” in the center. I think that makes a big difference! Thanks!

  17. This is a great tutorial! The paper used for the flower makes it stunning! I can’t wait to get this set of dies and try my own flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Theresa – I finally ordered the die and made my first rose! Thanks so much!! Your directions and photos were perfect! My rose turned out so good. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. Judy I, St. Louis MO

    At last I’ve found a wonderful tutorial using this set. I love your use of double sided patterned paper. Thanks for the great inspiration and the wonderful tutorial.

  20. Joni, Taylor, AZ

    I love this and want to do it. What is the paper you used?

  21. Wanda Dickey

    Wonderful tutorial..easy to follow/understand. I have one question. Once the flower is done, how do you attach it to your project? Is there enough contact surface to just glue it? (opps..that was 2 questions. lol)

    • I attach my finished flower with a quick drying adhesive like Glossy Accents by Ranger. And yes, there is enough surface area to add glue. All mine are attached with glue to their projects.

  22. First, I’m curious which tool you’re using to cut your dies? I’m not well versed in the scrapbooking world. But I do love papercrafts. Have you tried to attach them to a stem? They are beautiful!!

    • Good question. I either used a Provocraft Cuttlebug or a Sizzix Big Shot. I have not tried to attach a stem but I’m sure it is doable.

  23. Sheila pool

    I love your tutorial. I have looked at about 20 and yours is the best one. I have to handcraft quite a few roses by May so at last I can settle on just one method. Thanks for sharing

  24. Karla Baker

    These are beautiful. Not sure my clumsy fingers would get it done, but may give it a try. I’m new to the Big Shot, have not used it yet, just got it. In looking through these many pages of cards, I can see I have a lot to learn for sure.

  25. Lisa Johnson

    I loved the tutorial. I just have one question. Who is the paper by? I love it.

  26. Karla morgan

    I love this flower. Thank you for sharing the info.

  27. Would love to know where I can get these dies from, do they come in a set like the nestabilities so you get all sizes. I’m in Australia.

  28. Oh wow amazing tutorial…. would love to give this a try 😀

  29. riana

    It is very nicrnice

  30. Gorgeous!

  31. carol ricj

    wow such fab flowers…wish i could make these but after 4 strokes I can’t use one arm/hand…anyone any ideas on making these flowers curl up ect one handed?

    • Hello, I found your comment today. I’m sure with perseverance a way could be found to get a curl to your paper with just one hand. I’m not able to experiment myself since my craft room is out of commission, and I won’t be able to get back to it for the foreseeable future. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  32. Love this rose. Would like to be able to print the tutorial so I could follow along at my craft table. For some reason it wont let me print it. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Cindy. This blog has been dormant and unattended for a couple of years. I know you posted this comment a long time ago and unfortunately I wasn’t able to respond in a timely manner to your inquiry. If you do get this reply message notification I want to firstly thank you for asking to share this tutorial. At this time I can’t help you with a printable version of this since I do not know how to make one yet. However, I do have a new blog where I will be giving this post a makeover at a future date, with a free printable download. My new blog is If you do pop over please do say hi and ‘wave’ to let me know I got through to you. Once again I apoligise that I couldn’t answer your question at the time of asking.

  33. Very pretty! One of the granddaughters wants me to make newspaper roses for her wedding bouquet! Don’t ask! Where can I find the die set? Can’t seem to find it.

    • I don’t know where these can be found or if they are still being made. Have you tried a google search for Spellbinders Rose Creation Dies? This message is probably too late for your project but I just wanted to let you know that for personal reasons I have been away from this blog for a number of years Sorry for the inconvenience.

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