Balloon Tree

The latest Clean and Simple Challenge at Splitcoast Stampers was intriguing, and I was a bit stumped on how I would tackle it. I took a peek at the gallery for a bit of extra inspiration, and while the creations were lovely I just wasn’t getting the right idea for what I was going to do. So lets start with the inspiration picture.

Great idea for a party decoration, but I needed and idea to create a card.  After thinking about it for a couple of days I finally got my idea! In fact, it was an old idea of mine, revamped for the challenge.

So my idea was simple enough to execute, but I managed to goof up image after image to finally get it right. For these two cards I have about eight images trashed. An ink smudge here, a crooked stamp there. Blah!

So after a couple more days I finally have my pretty unspoilt images, but by now I’ve run out of creative inspiration to mount them onto a card! So another couple of days pass before I think up of doodling simple colourful lines around the main panel. Even that came dangerously close to going haywire too. LOL. I’m not convinced I’ve done the right thing either, but it is what it is for today, and I’ll be happy with that.

So there you have it…..a whole week to make two cards, LOL. I’m kinda over it, but my daughter came by today and she loved them as soon as she saw them. All is not lost. And would you believe,  since I finished that card this morning I have made 12 other cards. Ahh…. the highs and lows of card making.

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6 thoughts on “Balloon Tree

  1. Oh yes, some cards practically make themselves and other cards need TLC. your final cards are bright and delightful1

  2. Traci Major

    Oh, I am so with you on the creative process!! Can’t tell you how many times my clean and simple make it into the garbage, as the idea goes awry!!
    These are so so fun and pretty and really make my heart sing…I love them!! So glad you muddled through the creative process and did not give up!!

  3. Nancy

    You did a great job of finding just the right colors and image to tackle the challenge. I especially love the bottom image with the bigger colored circles.

  4. Just started to say, “OH, I love this card!” Then saw the other comments started with “OH!” so I’ll say, “WOW!” Great card, Theresa. Love the bright colors and cheery little circles. Happy card!

  5. Theresa, they might have taken some time but I think they are so pretty and fun. And I’m thinking they got your creative mojo going so that you could kick out all those other cards!

  6. Gloria Cardoza

    Wonderful inspiration. Your cards came out beautiful. So colorful. You done did good. Lol

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