My Crafty Weekend

An unusually long post about my weekend. Why? Just because I feel like it and I took some fun photos too.

I’m involved with a group of card making ladies who meet up once a month in Brisbane on the southside. When I first started with this group I lived in Brisbane, but not anymore. I still like to stay connected with this group, so as often as I can, I’ll make the 90 minute trek back to the city to enjoy a day of sharing and friendship.

Anyone who has seen me in action crafting knows what a messy crafter I am, and I’m no different when I go out to craft, lol. This is my workspace after a couple of hours!

In there you’ll see the cards from my last post ( top left), a card I whipped up (top middle) from scraps of a catalogue ( bottom right). I was doing a demo with the butterfly die cuts (center), I was making some tags for my friend, Evelyn, with the nestie labels (center), the cuttlebug got a good work out and I can’t remember why I had the ink pad out! The coffee cup must have just been out of the picture, but this frenzy is definitely fuelled by caffiene my friends.

Every club day I sit next to my good friend Evelyn, and she always has something interesting going on. She is right into her vintage style, altered arts projects (I’ll post something that she made for me earlier this year, stay tuned). This week I saw this on her desk.

She was using the thread in something she was creating but I was quite fascinated by it. She suspects the spool is about 70 years old, and then there is ‘1.65’ sticker on it, and we’re not sure what thats about since it is obviously a metric number. I love the vintage aged look of this.

The weekend that I have my craft club day is also the weekend that Tambourine Mountain Craft Markets are on. It’s a bit of a trek up the mountain but well worth the effort. This day I went with my mother, nephew and my son. A nice family outing. I make a point of going a least once a year. And everytime I go up I buy some handmade goats milk soap from this stall.

Look at all those pretty pastel colours! The stall holders tell me they’ve been coming to this market for 10 years, and I have to say they are one of the most popular stalls there. They even make a hair cleaning bar that my mother swears by, she loves it the best.

Aprons are so in! I bought my first ever apron from these markets last summer. This is a new stall to me. I was having a chat the the stall holder and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get contact infomation from her. Now I’ll have to hunt her down.

Look at how colourful and bright they are. One of those made it into my home and is now hanging very prettily on a hook in my kitchen. Can you guess which one? Stay tuned because I’m going to use that apron as inspiration for my next card.

I saw these beautiful, colourful, mixed bouquets.

So I bought one for my mum!

And she had the perfect vase to put them in.

All in all I had a good weekend away. Crafting, family, friends and some market shopping.

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8 thoughts on “My Crafty Weekend

  1. Great pictures of your fun time. Can soooo relate to the work area condition after just a short while. Love the look of the soap. What fun to have.

    Apron??? Hmmmm…..I’m going to guess the yellow/red one…the one with the poppies??? That’s the one I couldn’t have left without, but the cupcake one is to die for too. I probably would have purchased both.

    And the flowers are great! So glad you had a good weekend!

  2. We could be SISTERS! I made three cards spur of the moment last night, got tired and crawled into bed. When I saw my desk this morning I couldn’t believe what a mess I made in such a short time!

  3. Thank you Therese for sharing your week end with us all. Having the photos along with your composition makes for a personal read in which we can feel to be a part.of. I like your post very much.


  4. I loved reading about your fun weekend! Now I want handmade soap and aprons! LOL! TFS!

  5. How fun! I love that spool of thread on your friends desk! Maybe one day I’ll have some get togethers with ladies who like to craft!

  6. Robyn

    Can’t wait to see what your card inspiration is for the apron. My guess is the yellow and red one!

  7. Really, just ONE of those sassy aprons made it home with you ; ) Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs along with your fun weekend synopsis.

    • misstreez

      Trust me I had two picked out, but I had to demostrate restraint. It was a tough call, lol.

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