Pretty Prima Butterfly

This is whats left over after playing with my new stuff!

The blue butterfly die in the picture, I received in the mail earlier in the week. Most places I went to were sold out but I did find one online store that had them! Yay! It’s by Marianne Designs.

As I mentioned yesterday, when I went to pick up my prize I HAD to take some more stuff home with me. The new Primas papers stopped me in my tracks. I resticted myself to just four pieces, only because something else caught my eye, and had a fairly hefty price tag on it, and I really wanted it. It was the Doona Downey ‘Insightful Meadows’ by Unity Stamps.

I was staying at my mother’s place in the city that night, but I wanted to get  into using this right away. And to justify my NEED to make a card with these new things, I created a card for a visiting  Japanese student billeting with my mother. I made it for him right before his eyes in about 15 minutes ( he was suitable impressed), and asked that he give it to his mother. Then I went and made one for me.

The Prima paper is in fact quite a heavy cardstock so it made a perfect card base. I used pigment inks to stamp all the images in the bottom left of the card. I’d taken my cuttlebug for the sleep over ( What? You don’t do that?) and I die cut the butterfly and the trim out of the same papers.

Three things that make me happy – pretty paper, stunning stamps and delectable dies. And you know what else makes me happy – when my boyfriend can’t take his eyes off of it because he is amazed at it’s loveliness.   ♥Sigh♥   “Best yet”, he said. I’ll admit that the papers really do most of the work here, but I’ll take some credit. 😉

Have a great day all!

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9 thoughts on “Pretty Prima Butterfly

  1. Traci Major

    First, congratulations on your win…and yes, those three things would make me very happy too!
    Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to drive to Denver (about an hour away to visit an Archiver’s store…so I can relate to your excursion!!
    The prima paper is gorgeous, and I was drawn to the Unity stamps also, but haven’t invested yet…the combination is gorgeous! Fifteen minutes? I’m impressed!

  2. LOVE that so much!!!

    Your colours are just amazing! Im always afraid to use so much colour, it kinda scares me!

    And 15 mins?!? Thats amazing! Definitely glad you have gotten back into blogging cant wait to see more!


  3. Beautiful card. His mom will love it.

  4. Theresa…I LOVE the collage effect you achieved with your images. That’s not easy to do and yours looks perfect. I’ll be going along pretty well with that, then I slap one on that ruins the whole thing. But yours is perfectly balanced in color and so well filled out. Just love it. Great butterfly too. So glad I’m getting to see your every creation!

  5. Donna Heber


    This card is stunning and so elegant! I love your butterfly die!

  6. 15 minutes?? Gotta pick my jaw up off the floor!

    Gorgeous creation! The butterfly and papers are just stunning!

    You will love the Unity stamps, they stamp so nicely!

  7. When I first saw this I thought “What a gorgeous piece of stamped framed art!” Then I saw it was a card – that should be framed =) Thank you for sharing your beautiful project

  8. Beautiful card! You scored some great new toys!

  9. So pretty…the butterflies are so soft and delicate looking! Love them!

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