Creating a Scene

It’s been over four months since I last posted on this blog. That’s life. And I’ve been having a very busy life of late, but more of that later. You’ve all come by to see a card created with rubber and ink, and this my dear readers is what I have got for you today.

I’ve been doing a lot of blog reading/hopping lately and I found Susan’s wonderful site, Simplicity, lost it and then found it again. She hosts a wonderful and inspiring One Layer Wednesday Challenge, and as the name suggests, participants are required to make a card using just one layer of card stock. And the challenge idea was to create a scene. I hope you like it.

Now back to my life and some of my thoughts. May and June were exceptionally busy workwise – I was putting in some big hours and missed out on my crafty meetups. All that extra work put me in a very good finacial position to apply for a mortgage, and very soon after (like about a week) I was signing papers for my new home. Exciting days – my first solo mortgage! Then there was all that awful packing and moving.

Now, I can tell you, moving totally saps all my creative energies. I remember when I did it 9 months previous that I was looking at all my stamping supplies wondering if I’d ever use them again. The same thing has happened this time too. Like a lot of poeple who have absorbing hobbies, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, and I’ll admit that some of that stuff is just littering my craft space. So as I unpacked I culled a lot of that stuff to take down to the next craft garage sale at my local scrap shop. That makes me feel good. ( I’ve also bought some new stuff but we won’t go there, eh?)

I’ve been doing a lot of self assessment about my stamping hobby. Should I keep going? Should I try a different creative outlet? Should I just find an art retreat and treat myself to a totally new experience? Why am I so reluctant to get out the double sided tape? That last question is really bugging me the most….grrr. I’ve bought some new supplies, alcohol inks, dies, embossing folders, hoping to get reinvigorated again. I’m inspired by what I’ve been reading on the crafting blogs, I’m inspired when my LSS demos product for me, I get home and…I…feel…so…uninspired. Until I get my mojo back I guess I’ll just keep being more of an observer than a participant! ‘Tis the season of my  life.

Three positive things

  • I made a card with a stamp set that hadn’ t been used before.
  • I participated in a challenge and posted about it.
  • I have a cat, who, despite myself, I’ve  grown quite fond of. I bought him with me to my new home.

Hope to be back in the swing of things soon. Theresa

Oops, nearly forgot the credits. Stamps by Stampin’Up – Organic Grace, Tim Holtz Distress Inks

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10 thoughts on “Creating a Scene

  1. And what a very long 4 months without you it has been!! Hope that you get your mojo back soon. I’ve moved too and I get what you’re saying. I’ll have a new craft room to play in soon so you’ll have to come and get inky with me. 😉

  2. I posted that before I re-read it and thought….hmmmnn that kinda sounds like the card you posted wasn’t lovely. Sorry!! It’s a gorgeous card and as always your sponging and layering leave me breathless. xo

    • misstreez

      Oops didn’t mean it to sound that way. I like the way I crafted the card but I’ll admit that it required a bit of determination to actually make a card, any card. This recent move has left me feeling creatively barren. I’m sure you know where I’m coming from. I joked with Kirsty earlier that I might need councelling over my aversion to double sided tape. LOL.

  3. Carol B

    Love your card! So well executed…very artistic, indeed! I truly understand your vacationing mojo. But, maybe that’s all it is, just on a little vacation. I felt that way earlier this summer, and after forcing myself to do some challenges, I find that is has come back. Maybe it’ll happen for you too. Btw, thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Bahb

    Welcome back! It doesn’t take long to get the stamping addiction back again. You’re only a few hours away!!!!!

    Your scene card is lovely, and shows you’re way more talented than a whole bunch of folks addicted to double-sided tape. It also shows you hit the right blog. if you stay on Simplicity you may NEVER have to use that tape again.

    I envy your talent and was just about to post my entry and say there is no way several different stamps on the same page could make a decent scene. But now that I see you did just what I thought couldn’t be done, I’m inspired to get back into my “studio” and make another stab at it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this little scene that you created. Thanks for the share.

  6. Absolutely wonderful card! Don’t worry your mojo will return with a vengeance!

  7. Well I LOVE the scene you have made and I hope that you will find your mojo and keep on stampin’!!

  8. wow, this is a great one layer card …not so sure it is simple!! Great job on the challenge!! and inspiring me to do some masking!!

  9. A beautiful card!! I love the sponging (?) of the ink…so soft and pretty. Hope you get your mojo back…I totally understand that feeling!

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