Did somebody say PIZZA?

All the aussies following this blog will recognise this as the catch phrase for Eagle Boys Pizza.  Last night Eagle Boys were getting their lastest ad filmed in a nearby country town and I was required to work  traffic control for the location since in was on the main street. It ended up being an 11.5 hour gig which finished for me at 3 am this morning! Can anyone guess how tired I was? LOL

After a few good hours sleep, I got up and made a card. Here is a sneek peek. If you’d like to see more go here.

This afternoon, as I was preparing to get some cooking underway out on the verandah, I saw something amazing. Out in the paddock below my house, there were two wallabies (smaller version of the kangaroo) having a serious stouch.  I’d seen this sort of thing on wildlife documentaries, but to see it happening  in my own backyard was amazing. There was an audience of three on my verandah, ohhing and ahhring, over this ringside event. LOL

Since moving out here, I’ve felt more settled and content than I have in a very long time, so I mentioned to my boyfriend, that I’d like to get a companion in, in the shape of a dog, and could he please keep an eye out for a suitable one for me. I’ve not had a pet in over twenty years, so I’d say I was pretty clueless about what would be a good pet for me. Look what I got instead!

This extremely affectionate, well behaved and intelligent cat decided to make my place home and adopt me! I’m glad he is here, and I think I may have fallen in love with him already. I’ve called him Pu-Z.  My boyfriend thinks he is a gift from God. You know what, I think he might be right 😉

Keep creating, Theresa

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2 thoughts on “Did somebody say PIZZA?

  1. Welcome to Pu-Z!! I hope you and he travel thru many memories together! My little O’Malley and me sure do! Happy Easter!

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