Valentines Day

I went out to my monthly cardmaker club in the big city yesterday. I was home a lot later than I had originally anticipated, but I wasn’t overly concerned about that. When I got home I noticed my windows opened…????? Hmmm, that’s odd. Then I went into the kitchen and found this!!

WOW I was so surprised!!! Flowers. For ME. I rang my boyfriend straight away and he said he also put wine in the fridge. He didn’t mention the mudcake (piped with ‘love’ and sprinkled with red hearts), my favourite yoghurt (macadamia and lemon myrtle), and my best chocolate (dark with raspberries). Then there was also the food he purchased for dinner that night, which he was hoping I’d be home in time to cook for him. Hmmm. Well, he has been extra busy AND I did say I was going to be home early. But I changed my mind, came home late and missed out on what could have been a nice relaxing evening with my best friend.

Today wasn’t much better, we were both busy working at our various tasks. Me at my home, him out on his farm. I did get to make him a card though.

I didn’t want to make a mushy card, but I wanted to use hearts, of course. So I made it a bit grungy by using distress inks and embossing powders. I used the heart stamps in very much the same way as I did in the previous card post. My boyfriend is a farmer, and the hearts growing on stalks seem apt for a farmer, don’t ya think? Despite knowing about me and my card making for well over 18 months, he still thinks it very reasonable to expect me to ‘whip’ up a card in literally five minutes. I tell you, he has put me under a lot of pressure with his last minute card requests. I thought a twenty minute ‘quick card’ was appropriate for this man.

I did get to cook the food he bought tonight and we had a lovely meal, even if it was very brief. We’ve all got work tomorrow, so we all need to get home and get ready for the morning. 4am rise and shine around here!!! I’m not too worried about our hit and miss weekend for Valentines, coz everyday with him is special !

Enjoy being with the one you love. Theresa

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2 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. Lucky girl! Sounds like he’s a really romantic and thoughtful guy! I would have had a panic and thought someone had broken in!
    Love the card! Great to see you blogging again!

  2. Hi Theresa! Thanks for your sweet note of condolances about my mom. It tickled her greatly to know that some of her crocheted flowers went all the way to australia! I’m so glad you have them to enjoy! Sounds like you are doing very well — I think about and pray for you often!

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