Mini Virtual Stamping Night

Today Splitcoast Stampers hosted a Virtual Stamping Night. Conveniently for  me, their Saturday stamping night is my Sunday morning. And what a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday morning, making cards for challenges.

The challenges are set every hour, and are to be completed before the hour is up. The first time I participated in a VSN, I was racing around madly, trying to beat the clock. This time however I decided to just take it as it comes – no pressure. Surprisingly enough, I completed most cards in about half an hour each. I think that’s amazing!! So without further ado, I bring for your viewing pleasure all six cards that I made for the challenges.

Challenge 1 – Colours of a flag, Red White and Blue

I used four unlinked rubber images on this one, which is my own personal challenge over the next couple of months

Challenge 2 – Snow, use white, clear or sparkly embossing powder or white Flower Soft.

I used  three kinds of EP for this creation. It gives the snowflakes a nice varied look.

Challenge 3 – Use red or white yarn


This is just very ordinary and it was indeed a challenge. But in the spirit of good sportsmanship I have included it here with the others.

Challenge 4 – Chalkboard Technique


Since I quite liked working with Cameo Coral on another challenge a couple of days ago, I thought I’d use it for this card. I’d just finished chalking the image when I realized I had run out of CC card stock. I wouldn’t mind having a go at making another one when I get some ordered.

Challenge 5 – Make a card using a wavy element , and use pink.


I got to use some underused stamps for this card, so that was a bonus. I like this card but can’t quite figure out what to do about a sentiment. Looking at it now, I’d have liked to have textured the pink cardstock with dots.

Challenge 6 – Spotlight Technique


I used two uninked stamps for this card.

I love all the cards I made today (bar one, but we won’t mention that one…okay!).  It’s a good exercise to limit yourself with time when creating. I find I do things I’d have not considered doing when I’m just doing my own thing. I fell re-energised.

Thatnks for dropping by for a look.  Hope you all have a lovely creative week. Theresa

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