The case of the missing file.

I was getting ready to make another post for my blog, starting with the taking of the photos. I went to open the photos in Photoshop as I usually do but could not see the pics I’d just taken. Hhmmm….thats odd. Nothing I did seemed to work, so I just thought I’d sit on it for a few days and eventually the solution would come to mind. That day was last night as I was going off to sleep, so this morning I put my new idea to the test and found my solution.  Somehow I’ve created a new file on my card ( not sure how that happened, but it did), so I went looking for the new file and there I found all my pics for the past week. Yay!!!

And this is what I’ve been wanting to show you for a week now.

Nestie Roses 1

Nestie Roses 2

Last weekend I bought a secondhand Cuttlebug. Weeks before I purchased my first set of Nesties, knowing that the CB was coming my way. As soon as I got it home I was quick into making these cards. I really love the embossed edges you can put on the cut out shapes and I love the stencilling too.

I made these for a local sidewalk market stall I’ve finally got around to participating in. A few people over the past year or more have suggested that I do this, so I did. I don’t anticipate that I’ll be making big dollars doing this, but it is good for me to get out and about and meet people. I tend to be a stay at home sort of person, but as much as I love my own company, I find I should balance it out with a bit more social interaction. I’m sure I’d like my job at the bar more  if customers didn’t turn up. LOL. Seriously though, I am getting use to the fact that I’m required to interact with others in a public and open place. I don’t think I’m overly shy as I’m just very private. Anyway I digress. The market stall is a nice little diversion for me, I’ve made a few sales and I’ve got a couple of requests to make a card to order. I may take a photo of me and my little, little stall one day.

The images were stamped with Stampin’Up! A Rose is a Rose stamp set and the sentiment is by The Unity Stamp Company.

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One thought on “The case of the missing file.

  1. These are gorgeous! You are going to love the CB and spellbinders — can anybody say addictive?! HA I’d love to see a pic of you on the sidewalk sale/booth. What a great motivation! People will love your sweet spirit, together with your cards! Have a good week, Theresa!

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