Some Sweet Pretty Plums

The title comes from the name of the card stock that I used for my latest cards and they are for two sweet little girls. One of them will be having a birthday and I didn’t want the other one to miss out on a pretty card.

 Two little girls

I purchased a foil paper tole sheet from a craft shop recently and I used it to make their cards. I’ve been feeling rather lazy about stamping and just plain haven’t been able to get my head into gear to be creative. These little card toppers are great standins when a card is required. I know the little girls will love them.


I started this post feeling upbeat about finally getting around to updating my blog. But you know what? Those previous two brief paragraphs seems to have sapped my energy. I think it may take me a bit longer to get back into the ol’ paper saddle than I thought. Thanks to all who sent me cards and messages from the last post. I’m doing well and a lot of positive things are happening in my life at the moment which is very exciting (and scary too sometimes, LOL).

I’ve got a new job starting soon so my financial situation will improve (I’ve been seriously underemployed for the past few months), and I’ve been doing some retraining to get into a different field of work in the near future. I’ve been to the bank to have a chat and set some goals. My teenage children are doing well and making their own goals, which is a mighty relief for me as a mother. I have a close male friend, and events of the past couple of months have drawn us a lot closer together ( now thats the real scary bit, LOL).

I haven’t been my usual creative self but I’m not going to worry about that, coz I know it’s part of my inherent nature to be creative so I’ll just keep busy until it comes back to me. I’m told by those who know me that I have control issues (it’s true too). But there is very little I actually have control of. I’m learning how to  let some things just be. I feel relieved and lightened already.

Thanks for dropping by to see what I’ve been up to.

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4 thoughts on “Some Sweet Pretty Plums

  1. Hello you! I love your sweet cards-no shortage of creativity here! You’ve been on my mind and in my heart. I love your honesty, and I’m sending you a giant hug!

  2. Kath (Diamondz)

    These cards are so lovely. Those little girls are very lucky to be getting them.

    Your creative mojo will come back, mine is very very slowly.

    Big hugs for you.

  3. hi Theresa it’s so good to hear you are doing well, you have constantly been in my thoughts. I love these two little cards, very very cute! Congratulations on your new job. Keep smiling!! Sally x

  4. beautiful card love the bird!!!

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