Makeesha’s Inspiration #9

 Time for another Inkspiration Inspiration from Makeesha.


I saw this card that Kirsty had made for the challenge and wanted to make something along the same line. I love the soft watercolour feel of her card and how she has recreated the impressionist look with stamps. Very clever girl that Kirsty. This is what I came up with.

 Keesha IC9

First of all I cut my watercolour paper to size and then ran it under the tap to wet it all over. I prefer to do this instead of just spraying it with water on one side only, because it causes the paper to curl less. After a couple of shakes to get the excess water off, but still very wet,  it is ready to stamp. I used A Rose is a Rose (SU!) stamp set, stamping the big roses first and adding a couple of leaves and blossoms. I also used the spotty stamp from Boho Background (SU!) to create a bit of interest in the background. Doing this while the paper is wet creates patches of colour instead of a clear image.

By the time the first layer of stamping is done the paper has dried enough for the next layer. This next layer will still spread out and blur but not as much as the first. Some areas of the image have been stamped over up to four times till I was happy with the results. By now the paper has dried out a lot more and was ready for the final stamping. using my Rose Red marker I added colour to selected edges of the second part of the two step rose stamp. At this stage it’s good to keep in  mind that a little bit goes a long way. This was then stamped over the top of the roses to add a bit of definition and contrast. The sentiment from Best Yet (SU!) was stamped on an experimental scrap I tested my stamping on.

 I love using water colour paper and I purchased some from SU! to see how it compared with what I already had. I like the SU! paper but wanted a comparable paper that could be bought much cheaper. I like to experiment with my stamping and a lot of it never gets made into a card and SU! water colour paper is a bit too pricey just to experiment with. I am happy to say I have found my cheaper alternative. Art Spectrum Watercolour Pad 300gsm 100% cotton, medium surface. And it’s made in Australia! It took me a while to find it after a lot a searching. So shop around till you find an art supply store that stocks it. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for dropping by to see what I’ve been making.


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13 thoughts on “Makeesha’s Inspiration #9

  1. This is completely stunning!! WOW!!! I love that rose set and this card is one that could be framed itself! WOnderful way of doing the challenge!! Super job!

  2. One word – WOW

  3. Fiona Harrison

    That is amazing. have been wondering if I should get this set as thought it was a bit ‘heavy’ but that is a gorgeous way to use it.

  4. ….mmmmmm so, so pretty!! I took a deep breath when I saw this card and I swear I could smell the sweet scent of those romantic pink roses. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Theresa!!
    Kirsty, you and I need to catch up again soon for another play date, the last one was a hoot!
    Sally x

  5. WOW, this is gorgeous! I’ll have to get brave and try running my card under water, then stamping. My little mind would never have thought of that! Thanks!

  6. kirstyscardnscrap

    Your rose one turned out much better than my piece of crap did! ROFLMAO!!! I love your creation mistreez. Bit of a clever girl aren’t you??

  7. Hooley Dooley….this is amazing!!! I just keep staring at your creation, and am mesmerized with how you have made it. Totally awesome card mistreez! Thanks so much for playing! Love Keesh x

  8. Fiona Harrison

    Congratulations. I was sure yours would be the winning entry as soon as I saw it. Well deserved!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous card Theresa and your challenge win is well deserved ! These roses are so preety and look so real, you can almost smell their perfume.
    I’ve checked out your blog and discovered lots of other beautiful cards – your floral cards are amazing. Love them!

  10. OMGGGGG. This card is just so beautiful Theresa. I love the depth you have been able to create with the overstamping, it’s so breathtaking.

  11. Great job Theresa! I love how you described the technique too. Your watercolouring is amazing!

  12. Yvonne

    This is beautiful Theresa, and what a fantastic idea! TFS!

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