A labour of love maybe….??

I wanted to make another card for the Caardvarks Challenge – Don’t Quote Me, But…   I wasn’t going to do another one but I was inspired by this card, and the concept of creating cards with scriptures in mind.

Caardvarks Challenge May #1-2

This isn’t a scripture, but it’s the Prayer of Saint Francis.

 Prayer of St Francis

When I found myself out of work a couple of months ago I really needed a lot of inner peace to help me get thru what I felt was an unjust situation that I was put into. I came across this prayer and said it every morning (for a while anyway, I’m not use to praying generally, LOL), especially when I was slipping into feeling bitter about my plight. This prayer is so meaningful to me I wanted to create this card featuring it.

 Prayer flowers

Now, the labour of love comes from the fact that I nearly spent all day cutting and rearranging bits and peices of paper. In the end I had growing pile of scraps and still no card. In the end I stopped trying to make a masterpiece in card making and just went with the flow. I pulled bits and bobs from some very dark recesses of my crafty drawers. (Hey that sounds kinda corny – snigger). I haven’t the inclination to mention what I’ve used or done. It just IS. Somethings I should say however is that the prayer is a printed out onto patterned paper. It is not a stamp. And the floral bits are a collage of stamped images, lace, beads and rub-ons.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you all find what you are looking for.


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4 thoughts on “A labour of love maybe….??

  1. Very lovely card!

  2. Amazing!

  3. oh wow, WOW, wooOOooOOOoooOoOow!!! a labor of love, indeed, and the effort you put in is obvious…but SOOOOOO worth it! you should go out *today* and buy a little frame for yourself…i think THIS ONE is a keeper!!! ♥♥♥

  4. It’s beeeeeutiful! I’m smiling inside and out that you took the time to display this meaningful prayer in such a creative way. Lauren is right … frame it for keeps! You really have made my day here!

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