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As some of you may be aware from a previous post, I’ve been doing farm work lately. The last couple of days I’ve been sent down to Lowood to cut broccolli. This is a pic of me sitting in the Broccolli field waiting for the driver to return.

This is the broccolli that I planted about three months ago. Behind me are the gum trees where koalas live and it’s a great diversion to go koala spotting in between the planting of the rows. Our backpacking buddies who work with us, always get a buzz out of seeing the native wildlife in the great outdoors. During planting time I get to see the sun rise over Mount Glorious and set over the Great Dividing Range.

The tractor driver was feeling like a change and asked if I’d like to operate the tractor while he did the cutting. I didn’t have to be asked twice, lol. So after a few instructions, I can now say I’m the tractor driver!!!

The pic above is badly Photoshopped as the contrast was pretty bad, but since I look like I’m having a great time I thought it worth including here. Hahahha. This is the view my little gang of cutters get to see. This is the position I maintain for most of the day- driving forwards while I’m looking backwards. Can’t get too far ahead of my little gang, after all they’re doing all the real work. I just have to do more of the thinking stuff here. LOL.

Obviously, my little gang had their hands full with all that cutting they had to do, so I had to take my own pic of myself. LOL. Of course while I’m busy taking this pic, the tractor, which has very light steering, is veering out of the wheel tracks. Not much time for mucking about. This is serious work here!!!

See, thats me adjusting an very important lever. Someones got to do it!! The other tractor drivers don’t do it with as much style as me of course. The bling on my fingers just gives me that extra edge.

This is what one of the other less glamourous teams looks like from my tractor, so I guess they have a similar view of ours. My tractor was bigger of course!!!! Just so I can came across as a bit knowledgeable, I asked the real driver what in fact I was driving. I can now say with authority that I was driving a John Deere 1640, for what it’s worth.

The sad thing is that I’ll be starting a new job next week. I’ll miss doing my farm work, but I really need a job with regular hours and regular days off so I can develop my Stampin’ Up! business more. Sadly I’ve only been able to make cards lately and my workshops have all but ceased. That will soon change.

Thanks for taking the time to share a part of my little world.

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One thought on “Something about me

  1. kirstyscardnscrap

    ROFLMAO ‘Important Lever’ You crack me up Theresa.. I wish I could be THAT important!!!

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