Life has been busy….

… and I’ve barely made any cards lately except to prepare for a workshop.

I’ve been working my butt off and it looks like I’ll be working at this pace for the next couple of months. I’m currently working for a large farming company and I’ve been challenged to try my hand at a variety of jobs.

The first was cutting lettuce out of the field and it was very boggy and wet days when I did that. I promptly bought myself a pair of gum boots that fit me, as the pair that was loaned to me were several sizes to big. Very hard to walk in when there is mud suck all over them, let me tell you!!

Next was lettuce planting, which in itself is nothing new. I’d been brocolli planting previously with a fun and lively crew, but the new team is smaller.  Now it’s just me, the tractor driver and two ladies from Laos, who converse constanly in their own language. After three weeks I’m now use to it.

Then one day the boss says, ‘Theresa, your cutting brocolli tomorrow’. “What? Am I going to get hurt? I’m just a poor pathetic girl. I might be a bit too soft for this kind of work!!!”. “Nah, you’ll be right!!!”

Today it was something called Chipping. It involves taking a hoe out to the field and ‘chipping’ away at the weeds. Aaarrggghh!!!!

Each day I keep telling myself that I’m still alive, that it didn’t kill me and that I’m going to get paid at the end of the week.

The strange thing is that when I first started farming work, last year for a few months, I hated it. I felt it was a real come down into the world of pysical labouring. I dreaded the thought of having to do it again this year. But these past few weeks, I’m now seeing it as a work of choise. I’ve turned down a few jobs in Aged Care (my previous line of work) since doing field work, and to be honest I don’t think I’m every going to get to the place in my head where I’ll be ok to go back to it.

The days are very long, and the mornings quite chilly, but I love seeing the sun rise and set over my head. And I’m not stuck in traffic gridlock!!!

I’ve got nothing on this weekend, so I really hope to get a couple of cards made. I really miss making my cards the most.

Thanks for dropping by for a read.

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One thought on “Life has been busy….

  1. Hey there Miss Treez! I just thought I’d stop by and say hi…I know what you are going through, honey. I gave up being a Property Manager for a Real Estate agent to go and pack asparagus! Everyone thought I was mad and that I wouldn’t last a week, but I did it for a whole year! It’s good for the soul to go out and do a physical job where you don’t actually have to think about too much. After that year I felt so much better and actually really empowered…not to mention the kick ass muscles I had 🙂
    However, I am missing seeing some new Miss Treez creations and hope you have something new for me soon!
    {HUGS} Kristie

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