I’ve been tagged!!!!

My fabulous upline Madonna at http://madonnadunn.com tagged me and I have to tell seven weird or interesting things about myself. Here goes;-

1. I didn’t want to be a Stampin’ Up! demo. I called Madonna up via the ‘Locate a Demonstrator” on the SU website and said “I don’t want to buy anything except some ink pads, so don’t try to talk me into anything else. Stampin’ Up! is just not my style. I just want ink pads!!” 45 minutes later I’m asking her to come over with some paper work. We’re both still marvel at how it came about as she didn’t try to sell me anything, we were just having a chat!!! The rest is history.

2. I have two children born on the same day, two years apart. How convienient for me!!

3. I installed my own rainwater tank. I got a quote for $600 from the plumber. My finances were a bit down (hey I just bought the tank!) so I bought a mattock, hacksaw, spirit level, piping and a pot of glue and did it myself.

4. I use to make and trade Artist Trading Cards, which is how I got into stamping.

5. I’m currently doing farm work, planting brocolli. I’m looking at getting back into Aged Care. Hmmm… let me see… farm work- no responsibility, goofing around and well paid, versus Aged Care- responsibility, being sensible and less pay. I’ll really miss koala spotting at the ends of the rows if I go back to Aged Care.

6. I didn’t get my driver licence until I was 24. I was too nervous. I was made a superviser at a factory that I was working in, and figured if I was thought responsible enough to do the job than I was responsible enough to drive. As for working in factories, never again!!! I found it very hard to relate to the other workers. Different mind set I guess.

7. I worked on an isolated construction site once in the Whitsundays. 300 blokes and only about 10 girls were there. It was one of the best times of my life. I was always treated with a lot of respect and dignity by all those rough and tumble fellas. And we seemed to have a party nearly every night!!! They thought I was some kind of Shirley Temple and were quite shocked when I happen to let a s*** word slip one day. LOL

Phew, now that’s out of the way I do believe I need to tag someone else. MADONNA…. help me out here. I don’t know anyone yet. I shall post my tagees when I know what I’m doing.

Thanks for dropping by for a read.


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